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Stock Photography Has a Very Different Take On Lesbian Sex

Stock photography is just awkward in general. I mean to this day I still giggle when I see the stock photos of people being REALLY happy while they eat their yoghurt or their fruit so I really shouldn’t have expected much from stock photography in terms of “lesbian sex”. Still, it turned out to be extremely hilarious. 

I was feeling a little sad yesterday, then I stumbled upon this article and it made me feel a little bit better so I was hoping to pass this off on to you guys. Since I mostly write about so many serious topics all the time, I felt the need to take a little bit of a break to share a giggle.

So without futher ado, this is what lesbian sex is according to stock photography (courtesy of Autostraddle and side-splitting comments by me):

Source: autostraddle.com via redvelvetcake on Sex.com

IS THIS WHAT SCISSORING IS? Scrap my last article! I think I’ve been doing it wrong.

Oh dear… this is just an unfortunate situation that shouldn’t be considered lesbian sex.

Pretty sure this is a trope that doesn’t actually happen. But what do I really know about lesbian nuns? If anyone wants to enlighten me, that’d be cool.

 Having sex under a pride flag is probably the gayest thing I’ve ever seen…I sort of approve of this one considering I haven’t had any other use for the pride flag I bought back in ’09.

Alright so I’m definitely not opposed to a little spanking but are the balls in this case supposed to mean something? Because no.

What are they doing in this picture? I know the Westboro Baptist church thinks lesbian sex is synonymous with summoning satan, but that’s generally not how the lesbians I know get down.

Your first mistake stock photography, was that very few lesbians actually look like any of these photos. Your second mistake: that’s an awful pun.

2 Responses to “Stock Photography Has a Very Different Take On Lesbian Sex”

  1. Elle

    This explains so much as to why the question, “So how exactly do lesbians have sex?” occurs so often.


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