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Five Imperfections Of Your Naked Body That Really Don’t Matter

It’s a flat out lie to say you don’t see someone you love’s imperfections and it’s an unkind one at that. Denying imperfections someone feels insecure about is like telling them ” no you’re crazy, you’re seeing things and I don’t want to address your insecurities” only in a less harsher, much more well-meaning way. To me, it just feels much more productive to say “I think your *insert imperfection* makes you who you are and doesn’t diminish your beauty at all, nor diminish how attracted to you I am.” Unfortunately, even that doesn’t stop us from being insecure about them but it certainly helps to know that someone loves your imperfections, even if you don’t and it also certainly helps to know that we all have these imperfections.

Here’s five of them most of us all have to deal with and that don’t make us any less attractive because we have them:

  1. Cellulite – Even people with a very low BMI have been known to have cellulite. Don’t feel bad about yours.


  1. Stretchmarks – Stretchmarks literally just mean your body has changed in some way. So why the stigma associated with them?


  1. Imperfect/asymmetrical/different looking boobs – because all boobs are great. Seriously. All boobs.


  1. Rolls/ fat of any kind – we all have them, whether we have a little extra fat on us or are considered rather fit.


  1. Hair – whether you forgot to shave or prefer not to at all.

And a bonus: Blemishes or differences of any kind!

P.s. The header image is from a great project called The Adipositivity Project! Think I missed anything? Let me know!

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