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The Thirteen Times You’ve Gotten Really Screwed Because You Had Sex

“The 1st Class Lifestyle” recently posted an article about the “Ten Times Sex Has Ruined Your Life” and while I have to agree with some of these, I feel like some need some tweaking and there are a couple missing.Also, I feel like the title is a tad dramatic, so I think I’ll rename it “The Thirteen Times You’ve Gotten Really Screwed Because You Had Sex” because I think it’s more accurate and I enjoy the pun.

So without further ado, these are the 10 times sex has ruined your life according to “The 1st Class Lifestyle”:

10. “That time you slept with your ex.”

I can definitely agree with this one. If it didn’t work once, and it didn’t work twice, and it didn’t work the fifth time… I think we can all finally agree that going backwards is always a no-no, ladies and gentlemen.

9. “When the condom broke.”

I feel like this one should be #1. This is just bad for everybody, whether you’re scared of getting pregnant or scared of getting an STD.

8. “The moment you come out of the room and realize you have had sex with every single girl (or guy) at the party.”

Well that’s never happened to me, but for all you eccentrics out there, I feel like this may be a tad awkward.

7. “The time you woke up and had no idea where you were.”

Too. Much. Tequila. Enough said.

6. “When you cheated on your significant other.”

Considering I don’t know anybody who hasn’t regretted this, I think this one should be moved to # 2.

5. “When you did it with your friends ex.”

Just yikes.

4. “The time a family member saw you doing the walk of shame.”

Well that’s just always awkward as hell.

3. “The time the person never called you.”

This only sucks if you wanted that person to call you… but I mean, if you’re down for casual sex, then this one’s probably a good thing.

2. “The time you felt a burn.”

  Rightfully #2.(p.s. ten points for those who recognize where the gif is from)
1. “Every time you haven’t gotten off or got it up.”
I disagree with this one being number 1, but hey I guess it can be pretty frustrating.


If I had made this list, I would have definitely added these few:


 11. the time you drunkenly went home with someone just because you were sad at a wedding instead of enjoying the open bar and music with your friends.

Source: greatgifs.com via Asuraoflove on Sex.com


12. the time you didn’t exercise your better judgement and had sex without a condom this slapping yourself much later


13. that time you drunkenly slept with one of your friends and then it was majorly awkward for a while.

Do you have any you can add to the list? Tell me in the comments!

4 Responses to “The Thirteen Times You’ve Gotten Really Screwed Because You Had Sex”

  1. Naive Nancy

    ooh, an addition, the time you had sex just to pacify your significant other. not me, but i know plenty of people that do that!


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