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Take A Hint From Body Language

Knowing how to read body language can be a helpful trait in many situations, but no more than when it comes to attraction. It doesn’t only help in being able to tell if someone is interested in you but you’ll also be able to actively and properly display body language that will let someone know you’re interested in them.

So for example, as I’m writing this, I’m watching two people in front of me who appear to be on a date. The girl is twirling her hair around her finger and giggling while talking to a guy who is practically turned in another direction and isn’t looking at her. Had the girl had some knowledge on body language cues, she would know she seriously needs to either a) straight up ask him if he’s interested in her because it’s looking like she’s got nothing to lose or b) just move on to someone with body language that is much more open to her.

Here are just a couple body language cues you should know, in case you ever end up in the same situation:

  1. Body openness- someone who is turned towards you (especially if rather inconvenient), smiling and making eye contact is more likely to be interested in you. Strangely enough, feet are actually a big indicator of interest. If they are pointed towards you, it’s more likely they are attracted to you, or just interested in what you have to say in general.
  2. Touching/intrusion of person space – This is an obvious flirting tell in general but there are certain more subtle movements that can be interpreted as unintentional body language cues, such as an inadvertent intrusion into personal space like leaning in closer than necessary, whispering in someone ear even when there is no real need to, tilting their head towards you, or even just to one side, etc. These are all things that only slightly push comfort boundaries, but show that the other person feels comfortable enough with you.
  3. Blushing – It’s not just for people who are shy or embarrassed. It’s meant to mimic the effect of the orgasm and is one of the reasons why women wear red lipstick and blush. If someone gets red in your presence, it may be a genuine, unintentional display of attraction.
  4. Voice tone and pitch- Most people experience a voice change when they’re speaking to someone they’re attracted to. Depending on the person, people’s voices change to quite sultry or in my case, higher pitched when flirting in comparison to when talking to someone who they view as platonic.
  5. A racing heart – It’s a cliché but it’s true. You can feel this while you hug them – or if you’re not close enough, you can pick up on whether their breathing is slightly heavier than normal.

Very few people have managed to get their body to lie for them, so knowing these few tips are helpful. If they manage to help you out, you can thank me later!

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