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Louis C.K. Points Out Society’s Double Standard When It Comes To “Fat” Women and “Fat” Men

Louis C.K. seems to have a sort of knack for being understanding towards issues that do not pertain to him particularly and talking about them, which in a perfect world, wouldn’t be something to praise but in this world definitely is. If you’re going to use your white male privilege for something, this might as well be it.

In episode three of season four of his TV show Louie, he does just that by writing an entire monologue about the double standard between overweight men and overweight women, said by the wonderful Sarah Baker. This is a double standard we see on American TV all the time when the hot thin model looking woman overlooks the protagonist’s weight and sees their heart of gold and dates them. On the flip side, women in TV shows will always somehow lose weight or “get hot” for the good looking guy.

In the scene, “Vanessa” flips out after Louie tells her that she isn’t fat. She’s exasperated and tells him “the worst thing you can possibly say to a fat girl is ‘you’re not fat’” and then begins her monologue that you should watch here:

She talks about how Louis C.K. can stand up and talk about how it’s hard for him to get dates because he’s “fat” and people consider that cute but when a woman does it “people call the suicide hotline”. She also talks about the all too true reality that a lot of fat guys don’t want to date fat girls… why? because they don’t want to be looked down on the way society looks down on fat women. For dialogue written by Louis C.K., it’s impressive. (The writing of that episode even won an Emmy.)

Overall, I feel like one of the most important messages in this scene is pointing out that this double standard exists. Vanessa says it herself “And the worst part is, I’m not even supposed to do this [talk about it]”, but she did and now she can say “I’m fat and that’s alright”. Frankly, I think it’s right about time we stop making “fat” or “overweight” an insult.

Source: plumperpalace.tumblr.com via Plumperpalace on Sex.com

2 Responses to “Louis C.K. Points Out Society’s Double Standard When It Comes To “Fat” Women and “Fat” Men”

  1. Cava Supernova

    I find the whole weight thing a minefield.
    We have a media / fashion industry that tells us that ‘fat’ is anyone who’s an ounce above a size zero, and makes virtually everyone feel bad about themselves.
    At the other end of the spectrum we have ‘fat acceptance’ evangelists who seem to treat excess weight as something you’re born with and can do nothing about – like having freckles or curly hair.
    I’d like to hear more voices coming out in support of people who are healthy weight for their height, who don’t buy into either of the above concepts.
    I’m short, I have a sweet tooth, I am really greedy and I like huge portion sizes of food. I only have to look at a cupcake to gain half a stone yet I work to keep my weight down, and by and large I manage it.
    This whole, “Being fat, that’s just the way it is,” argument, I find it quite difficult to buy into – unless people have stuff like PCOS, thyroid issues etc, that make weight loss a lot more difficult.

  2. Elle

    I love this clip from Louis. Vanessa really does nail the feelings that are present when you are overweight and dating, or just overweight and living in the world. Being able to love myself, treat myself with kindness and not make my body size, shape or ability a statement about my value as a human being was one of the best things I was ever able to do for myself and my health.


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