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Christy Mack Assaulted by Boyfriend & Blamed Because of Her Profession

Why is that? Because she’s an adult film star. About two weeks ago, 23 year old Christy Mack was brutally assaulted by her ex-boyfriend after he found her with another man. Her ex-boyfriend, MMA fighter Jonathan Koppenhaver, also know as “War Machine” was finally apprehended yesterday and is going to face trial within the next few days.  Christy Mack released a statement about the entire event, so you can read it in her words here, if you’d like:


What was both surprising and unsurprising about this horrible event was that yet again, there was an onslaught of people who very quickly and oh so certainly blamed Christy Mack for the abuse at hand. The onslaught of tweets ranged from those who joked about how the abuse was “bondage porn gone wrong” to those who said she could’ve “prevented it” by not living that sort of “lifestyle”.

At the time of the event, “War Machine” even tweeted “I only wish that man hadn’t been there and that Christy and I would be happily engaged. I don’t know why I’m so cursed.” As if he were the victim in this situation and unfortunately, there were people who actually sympathized with him.

All of this seems to beg the question: when will people stop acting like being a pornstar or working in the sex industry means you’re in for some karmic retribution? When will people stop blaming women for acts perpetrated against them in general? Even the media’s tone in regards to this event seem to be treating Christy Mack differently than they would if her profession would be a mainstream actress, per say.

If you’re interested, I would highly suggest reading this wonderful article about the media’s prejudice against Christy Mack’s abuse on the count of her profession. The article ends with a very clever comparison “We wouldn’t blame a stuntman, after all, for getting hit by a car in real life just because he sometimes gets hit by a car during work hours. But because Mack works as a visible icon in a sexualized industry that many perceive as inherently immoral, Mack will have to be defended in the coming weeks from those who would chalk up her abuse to “bad life choices.’” How very true and unfortunate.

Source: femalefantasies.tumblr.com via femalefantasies on Sex.com

^ The beautiful Christy Mack, everybody.

2 Responses to “Christy Mack Assaulted by Boyfriend & Blamed Because of Her Profession”

  1. Lisa P

    Thank you for making a very valid point. No one deserves to be physically or mentally attacked because of what they do, the choices they make in their life, or how they dress. Sadly women are still ALWAYS demonised for being overtly sexual. It’s like “See? That’s what you get for being free. Back in the kitchen with you”.

  2. Daniel L. Mumford

    How VERY true, and, unfortunately some of the people who are blaming her are other women.


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