Warning: Contents May Be Hot

Adult Games to Spice Things Up

One thing I have learned in my many years of dating is that one of the first rules to avoid getting bored with the person you’re sleeping with is to never lose the playfulness during sex. That can be hard, especially when you get caught up in the routine of everyday life and forget to make the things that are supposed to be fun, fun. So why not try a few sex games?

Some of these came from Cosmo and other sources scattered. One of these is even from the TV show “The L word” (Guess which one!)

  1. Bases Loaded (for sports fans!) – While watching baseball, you both pick a team and everytime a team member from your team gets to a base, you perform said base on the person. So for example: everytime a player from your team gets to first base, your S/O kisses you. I’m not a big baseball fan, but this concept could easily applied to any other sport. (Things escalate everytime a goal is scored in hockey or soccer.)
  2. Too Hot – You and your partner kiss without touching eachother. The first person to touch the other player loses and the winner gets to do whatever they want with the loser.
  3. Strip Pong – The strip version of beer bong but instead of drinking everytime you miss a shot, you take off one article of clothing.
  4. Kinky Cards- get a deck of cards and assign meaning to each suit. So for example: hearts would be a kiss, spades would be taking off a piece of clothing, etcetera. Assign a certain number in each suit to mean it’s time to throw the cards aside and have at eachother.
  5. Naked Twister – no explanation needed. You are just never too old for twisted, it just needed be to be adjusted a little bit.
  6. Spin the bottle a la Wheel of fortune – By this I mean, make a spinning wheel and write down acts you can perform on eachother and then spin it and have luck choose what you do to eachother.
  7. Mirror, Mirror – Do exactly as the other person does. If your partner kisses your neck, you have to do the same and so on. This can definitely show you what you like, or what your partner likes.
  8. Make bets – this one is more ongoing and just keeps things exciting. My exgirlfriend and I did this to get eachother out of our comfort zone. So for example, I bet my ex-girlfriend that she couldn’t stop smoking for a week. If I lost, I had to give her a lap dance. Safe to say, I lost but it was fun.

Let the sex games begin!

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