Warning: Contents May Be Hot

Female Rappers Are Like Four Leaf Clovers

…because they’re so damn hard to find and yet they make me excited as hell. One of my guilty pleasures is rap music. The reason why I say it’s a guilty pleasure and not just an interest is because the rap scene is dominated by lyrics that are so offensive towards women that I hate the idea of funding people who perpetuate misogyny. It’s for that reason that it’s not surprising that female rappers are such a minority. Sure, there’s lil’ Kim and Eve who were in the industry back before it was cool and now there’s Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea who are incredibly mainstream but the guy-girl ratio in rap is still incredibly sad.

So I’m going to take a second to talk about a few female rappers I’m especially impressed by and that give me a little bit hope for the industry:

  1. Nicki Minaj, Of course.
    She’s been quoted a whole lot and a lot of her music does in fact talk about the gender gap in the music industry.

  2. Angel Haze (also queer!!)
  3. M.I.A.
  4. Brooke Candy

There are a ton more. I’m actually just mentioning these few because I have a personal preference for them, but if you want a really good comprehensive list of female rappers, this is it. More female rappers is progress, but I’m hoping for more progress in the rap industry. I know most rap is actually meant to insult but I’m hoping we’ll get to a point where they’re just offensive towards everyone, not just women. And being offensive towards everyone equally is something that I can support.

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