Warning: Contents May Be Hot

College Humour’s “The Hottest Lesbian Kiss Ever” Takes a Pleasant And Unexpected Turn

When I stumbled upon College Humors’s video “The Hottest Lesbian Kiss Ever”, my mouse hovered over the link unsure or not whether clicking on it was going to upset me. Turns out they were addressing the very thing I had been worried they were perpetuating.

It starts out the way you would think, with guys at a party saying: “Check it out! Lesbians bro! They are so hot!” and cheering when they’re about to kiss… and then takes a swift turn into satire with “man I got to record this! My bros are never going to believe I saw two human beings connect on this level.”

It was refreshing to watch.

Of course though, the comments are full of people who feel like they’ve been cheated out of a lesbian kiss which means they’ve completely missed the point, unfortunately.

Just getting that out there though, there’s totally nothing wrong wanting to see two lesbians kiss and being turned on by it. Lots of people like watching lesbians make out. Lots of people just generally like watching other people make out. which is why they look up porn or they watch a movie with a sex scenes in them. Those are intimate moments put on explicitly to be watched.

But when I’m kissing my girlfriend at a party, I’m not a show or porn, we’re not fictional. We don’t want you to document us and make us porn. I expect to be treated like any other couple drunkenly kissing their significant other. I don’t expect to be taken pictures of, heckled, asked to join.

If you want to see lesbians kiss, google search, bro. There are plenty of websites for that. Otherwise, yay College Humor!

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