Warning: Contents May Be Hot

Skinny Girls Have Rolls Too

When I’m around someone I’m attracted to, I’m almost hyper aware of the shape my body takes no matter what I’m doing: standing, laying down, sitting. Even without being naked or without wearing something tight fitting, I watch how I place myself so carefully, so fearful that they’re going to see the inevitable imperfections.

In that moment, I’m so busy worrying about me that I miss the important things I should be paying attention to-like how great the other person I’m with is. Being so insecure about my body and not letting myself have certain experiences because of that is actually one of my biggest regrets in my past relationships.

I should’ve stripped down and skinny dipped that one drunk time all my friends were doing it.I shouldn’t have pulled away in the midst of kisses because I was so conscious of the fact that I was feeling bloated that day. For some reason in my head I have this convoluted idea that if I was thinner, I wouldn’t have stopped myself from hesitating on all the things that could’ve made me happier. Except, what I forget and what everyone else seems to forget, is that even really thin girls have insecurities, and really, they have rolls when the bend over too.

Which is why these photos and projects I’m about to show you give me warm and fuzzy feelings.

A year ago, tumblr user “baretobush” posted the photos below with the caption “The reality of Nude Photos” and a paragraph explaining what I just said above. She took two photos of herself within minutes of each other but in different poses. The first being in an elongated position, the position most nude photos are taken because it’s the most flattering. The second being in a sitting up position, which inevitably gave her rolls. To see this girl, who, to me, has an ideal body have rolls, exactly the way I picture myself having rolls while I’m sitting with a cute person, changed my view of my body completely.



If you like the concept, The body images project has the same goal, so I would highly recommend you all take a look at it!

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