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Feminist Art: Carol Rossetti

Ah feminist art. How you tug at my heart.

It’s funny to think that Rossetti originally began this project just as a way to practice her work with coloured pencils and instead found herself identifying with every women who has ever lived. This project originally started with just a few posters on the street and on her Facebook page and has now branched into a website and even a book. Rossetti’s calls this series “The Women Project” and rightfully so. The pictures cover a variety of topics like women’s ownership of their own bodies, sexual orientation, gay rights, racism, ageism, etc and also incorporates the age old “If you don’t have anything nice to say, STFU.”








While the artwork is more like an educational poster about common courtesy you would see on the subway than it is something you would see in a museum, yet it still packs the same kind of punch a painting would.

An example of a subway space common courtesy ad in Montreal.

When it comes down to it, Carol Rossetti has taken that age old ton of common courtesy and extended it to women’s rights over their own body. Rossetti had this to say about why these messages were on her mind during her practicing: “It has always bothered me, the world’s attempts to control women’s bodies, behavior and identities. It’s a kind of oppression so deeply entangled in our culture that most people don’t even see it’s there, and how cruel it can be.”

Right on, Carol Rossetti.

You can view the rest of her art on her facebook page or on her website.



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