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Finding “The Unicorn”

So if you’re not very well versed in the threesome lingo, you probably wouldn’t know that a female threesome partner is commonly known as “the unicorn”. Why are they known as the unicorn, you may ask? Because they’re so damn hard to find. While discussing this some of my friends, we compiled a dos and don’ts of finding these mythical creatures and I thought I’d share it with all of you!

  1. Don’t do it on social networking/dating sites unless it’s specifically made for that.We all agreed that we haven’t yet known anybody who has scored after messaging a bunch of lesbians on plenty of fish or anything of the sort. It’s the sort of thing people don’t answer because 1. They fear for their safety if the message is simply a “wanna come over to me and my boyfriend’s place?” 2. most people on dating websites are looking for actual relationships.
  2. Don’t suggest one of a friend to your significant other, if it hasn’t already been spoken about. If a friend is suggested, be wary. It might ruin your chance of a threesome if your significant other thinks you’re just trying to sleep with one of their friends without calling it cheating. And just in general, if you’re planning on doing it with someone you know, make sure it’s someone you know it won’t be awkward with after or someone you’ll get attached to that way.
  3. If you’re going to approach someone at a bar, do it together. A lot of the time a couple will begin with sending the girl or guy to flirt with their potential threesome partner and then slowly lead into it. That doesn’t work because you spend a lot of time for no reason if the person is going to get their hopes up and just end up being weirded out. If you approach the person together and offer to buy them a drink, that weeds out those who are going to say no right away.
  4. Find a fetish party in your area! This is actually the most fun of the four suggestions which is why I left it for last. I live in a big city, so there are a ton of those here. A quick google search should help you out there and hopefully it’ll be the same for you.

Those are the points we could come up with. Does anybody have any others? missing-unicorn-poster

5 Responses to “Finding “The Unicorn””

  1. autosoma

    Add to point 2 if you and you’re partner talk about including a friend, don’t spring it on them 5 mins before you intend to start or with lots of booze

  2. Cava Supernova

    Hello, I love threesomes and as a single fem I’ve no choice but to be a Unicorn.

    I’ve tried the ‘mate’ thing. It’s OK but it’s a minefield too – there’s the ’emotional’ issue, of course, plus the fact you’re likely to be pretty drunk and no one really knows what they’re doing, which can get awkward 😮

    Forward planning really adds to the hotness factor of these situations, really, truly.
    Before you even try anything, I’d recommend Kitty Stryker’s guide to threesomes – loads of good advice on the emotional and ‘technical’ aspects of every type of scenario you could imagine, including how to treat a Unicorn – a hell of a lot of people have no idea!


    I get my fun on a swinging site, there’s also a Threesome category on Fetlife.com. Those are the two places I’d recommend.

    I get contacted by a lot of people, but I’ve found my best threesome came from a couple I contacted myself. I blogged it here. It was an awesome night, so very very hot. http://wp.me/p4gIAl-mL

    I’ve written a four parter for my blog about how to find a woman online for no strings sex – it applies to couples, males, females, whatever.

    My contact deets are on my blog if you need any more pointers.

    Have fun! x


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