Warning: Contents May Be Hot

Swimsuit Alternatives For Everybody

It’s swimsuit season and if you’re anything like me, that means you’re scrambling to find a bathing suit that doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable with your body.The beach is no fun when you’re counting the seconds until you’re back in your clothes, so it’s time to refuse to let a little bit of insecurity stop you from hanging out at the beach with all of your friends. I’m a strong believer in being able to wear what you want no matter what you look like, but if you’re anything like me and how uncomfortable you are with your body impedes you from having a good time, then it’s time to develop a work around.  So let’s get started with just a couple of alternatives to simple bikinis or one pieces, that’ll make you feel both confident and comfortable.

1. The high-waisted bikini


They’re super retro looking, which I love and they cover most of my belly, which makes me feel better. Those are both from Modcloth but I’ve found some cute cheap ones on Ebay too by simply typing “Retro swimsuits”.

2. Bathing suit skirts are an option!

2 skirt

Now I know Mindy Lahiri has a lot of strong words to say about swimsuit skirts, but her and I will just have to agree to disagree on this one because I think they’re CUTE.

The first one is from a website called Sammydress that has super cheap clothingv(the size in that bathing suit goes up to XL) and the second is from a website called swimoutlet (which is a little more expensive – but hey, one bathing suit can last you a while).

3. Tankinis are still a thing!

They’re not just for moms, ladies. They make really cute ones! (And who doesn’t like stripes?)

The first one is again from asos and the second is from swimoutlet.

4.Swim dresses
2 swimdress

Swim dresses are probably the cutest of the bunch, because it combines the tankini and the skirt  providing ultimate coverage while still being adorable.
The first one is from Evans and the second swimdress is from sammydress again and goes up to 3XL.

4. Simply cuter one-pieces
full piecekjdajkas

This is not your grandmother’s one piece.

The first one is from Evans, and the second from Modcloth again.

You can see the prices here range from 10-50$, but thankfully a good bathing suit is something you can keep for a while so spending a little extra on it is an investment. And always remember: there’s no reason to avoid things that make you happy, all you need is a work around.

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