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Need Something to Heighten your Sensation During Sex? Try a Clitoral Gel

I don’t usually do product reviews but I feel like something like this deserves a mention especially since so many women have trouble achieving orgasm. The last time I checked, the statistics on the frequency of female orgasm were that less than 1/3 of women orgasm regularly during sex and well, that’s just not enough. Not that sex without orgasm is automatically not enjoyable, but it can get really frustrating especially when you’re looking to de-stress.

So for the sake of science and blogging about it, I caved and bought “Shunga: Secret Garden Clitoral Gel” and my friend bought the “Shunga: Divine Oral Please Lipgloss”, which is basically a lipgloss you put on right before giving oral sex and it gives your partner a tingly feeling, much like the clitoral gel.

I haven’t heard anything back from her about the lipgloss but the gel… man, the gel. The gel has a pleasant peppermint scent and at first I found the sensation a little strange, sort of like my clit was suddenly extra cold. It wasn’t unpleasant, just needed some getting used to but after the second use, it really did heighten the usual sensation and I reached orgasm a hell of a lot faster than usual. (I have an overactive brain, you know)

So it’s something I would recommend if you’re having some trouble, or if you just want to try something new. It’s not something I’d use everytime but it definitely spiced things up a bit. If you’d like a more extensive review, I found this one pretty helpful before I bought the gel. If you’re now so interested in buying it you can hardly wait, you can pretty much get it at any sex shop or you can buy it online at the Shunga website or even Amazon.

Source: Uploaded by user via redvelvetcake on Sex.com

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