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Where Do You Fall on the Kinsey Scale?

In season 1 of Orange is the New Black, when Piper talks about her sexuality, she mentions a theory of sexuality worth talking about: the theory of the Kinsey scale. But what is the Kinsey Scale exactly? Well let me explain it to you.

The Kinsey scale is a sexual orientation scale that starts at 0, for those who can be said to be exclusively heterosexual with zero experience or desire for sexual relations with the same sex, then 1 and 2 for those who identify at heterosexual but have either had incidental or occasional attraction or experience with those of the same sex, 3 for those who basically identify as bisexual, 4 and 5 for those who identify as homosexual with incidental or occasional attraction or experience with those of the opposite sex and good old fashion 6, for those who are exclusively homosexual. Luckily, the Kinsey scale also includes an “X” which is for those non-sexual individuals otherwise known as asexuals.
Unfortunately, while the Kinsey scale is seen as relevant to sexual orientation studies, it still doesn’t include every form of sexual orientation but it’s done the best job so far. As for where exactly Piper falls, my guess is that at the time of Orange is the New Black’s start she is definitely a 3.

So where do you fall on the Kinsey scale? There are quite a few Kinsey Scale tests out there, but the most accurate one I found that also encompasses questions on asexuality is this one.(Everyone always forgets the asexuals. Sorry guys!) Turns out I’m a 4! (Hmm a little surprising!) Take the test and find out where you fall!

6 Responses to “Where Do You Fall on the Kinsey Scale?”

  1. autosoma

    Blimey, I got an F: The test failed to match you to a Kinsey Type profile. Either you answered some questions wrong, or you are a very unusual person.

    I then had to do it several times to get the exclusive hetro result, I may be indifferent to gay sex, but I have zero issues with it. Perhaps the Kinsey stuff needs to be altered in light that modern day attitudes are changing.

  2. Cedelle

    I’m surprisingly a 3. Yet I find myself attracted to mostly other women, it’s strange to think that the “little straight girl” still exists inside.

  3. Big Brother’s “Zankie” And The Problem With Sexual Orientation Labels | The Undie Drawer

    […] It was at this point that I realized, if we were to just say “yes”… that is like erasing the intricacy that is sexual orientation. It’s erasing bisexuality, pansexuality, demi-sexuality, everything that falls under the grey areas of sexual orientation. Hell, it’s erasing the possibility of Zach simply being Frankie-sexual. It’s erasing all sexuality research that shows that sexual orientation is more of a spectrum than a box. (I’ve briefly explained the Kinsey scale in this article) […]


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