Warning: Contents May Be Hot

E!Online is Playing Dr.Frankenstein with “The Perfect Female Celeb”

So it seems the media has decided that their usual misdemeanors, like, for example, photoshopping womens’ arms to an anatomically impossible length (see photo below), weren’t weird and invasive enough. E!Online has decided to take the reworking and control of womens’ bodies to a whole other level by playing Dr.Frankenstein and creating “The Perfect Female Celeb”.

The whole stunt was a way to try to promote “Botched”, a show where plastic surgeons try to fix already botched plastic surgeries. E!Online set up a poll asking readers to determine which celebrities have the most perfect body parts and then as you can see from the picture below, they then put them together to make what they say is the most attractive female. Only, I don’t know about you guys, but that picture doesn’t look attractive to me but rather outright terrifying.

Yet again, we have reduced women’s worth to what we consider their most attractive body parts are. How sad is that? It’s like saying “Rihanna, we love your abs but your hair isn’t up to par, we wish you had Carrie Underwood’s instead.” I almost can’t believe that they’ve managed to slice up even the people who we, the normal looking population, deem beautiful and perfect enough already.

So basically life lesson here kids is if you’re feeling kind of down about yourself, know that the media thinks even celebrities need a ton of work. Maybe we all equally just need plastic surgery. (I hope you all recognized the sarcasm here.)

Oh and E!Online, Dr.Frankenstein called and he wants me to tell you guys it’s even creepier when the humans you’re putting together are alive.


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