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The Top Google Searches for Women are Very Sad

Oh google search… how you disappoint me sometimes. Actually, it’s not google search I should be disappointed in but instead, the general population. As you’re all probably aware, when you start typing something into google search, it suggests things for you based on the top searched answers. Why I’m mad at google right now is that when “women should” is typed into google, this is what comes up:Screenshot 2014-05-30 13.02.58 When “women need” is typed into google, this is what comes up: Screenshot 2014-05-30 13.03.35 When you type “Men should”, instead: men google You get nothing. Absolutely nothing. The same thing happens when you type “men need” It turns out no one wants to dictate what men should do or what men need. How surprising! It’s sad to think that a good portion of the population still thinks this way. Sometimes when I’m on the internet and I’m talking to all you awesome folks, I somehow forget that there are a lot of people who feel like I don’t deserve to have the education I’m getting or the rights I have just because of a little extra fat on my chest and the lack of a penis. It’s also tough to think that there are people who completely believe that all women and men are already equal and nothing should change from where we are right now.

While I wish that were true, it’s obviously not completely. I still have hope that it will be one day, but until then I’m going to write about it and talk about in hopes that the next time I type “Women should” into Google search, things like “Women should have equally as much chance of becoming a CEO” or “Women shouldn’t be afraid of saying they like sex” come up.

2 Responses to “The Top Google Searches for Women are Very Sad”

  1. Rebekah

    I like this post. And let me add. ”My mother is a CEO” and ”My sister has her own law firm.” and ”We all like sex.”
    Have a great day.:)


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