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When You’re Scrambling to Give Some Creep a Fake Number….

Hi everyone, I hope you had a very lovely weekend.  I had a pretty good weekend, except, like usual, I had to fend off some unwanted/unprovoked attention while I was out with my friends on Friday night.

It’s normal.  I’m used to it.  I don’t like it, however, and it honestly pains me to have to shut people down. I’ve done it a million times, so I have a pretty good system going, but its always really frustrating when someone who you haven’t shown any interest in persists and asks you for your number.  I get all flustered and anxious.  I’m put on the spot while a thousand things race through my mind: I could just say no, but maybe that’s a bit harsh.  Is it nicer to give a fake number?  But then I have to think of a believable fake number to give.  Should I give my real number and then just ignore the inevitable flood of text messages? Well, I don’t know this guy so I probably don’t want to give him my number, what if he’s really persistent.

Life’s so difficult sometimes.

But maybe it just got a bit easier.  I stumbled across this initiative the other day and its really neat.

You just have to memorize one phone number: (669) 221-6251.  If the area code doesn’t match up with where you are, and it probably won’t, just say that you’re visiting from out of town or something.  Give out this number, and when that creepy bro at the bar tries to text you at 3AM the same night to tell you that he loves you or something, he’ll get a brain full of quotations from famed feminist philosopher bell hooks.


Now you don’t have to feel weird about giving people a fake number, because you’re also doing some good.  Maybe after reading this quote, the dude will realize that women don’t go to bars just to get picked up by a knight in shining armour.  Maybe they’ll even start reading feminist literature and open up their minds a bit.  Or they’ll just be pissed off.  But either way they’ll leave you alone, so that’s a plus!

via Jezebel

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