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The “Selfie Culture” is So Not a Bad Thing

I’m on a little bit of a “Group On” shopping spree lately. As I posted not too long ago, I bought some pole dancing classes and for my next purchase, I really want to get a photo shoot. I said this to a friend while sitting in class the other day and got the most judgmental look from the guy beside me.

It’s not secret there’s stigma surrounding people who revel in taking pictures of themselves and there are entire forums dedicated to posting and insulting young girls they catch taking pictures of themselves. But what I really want to know is: why is embracing the way you look and not being afraid to say “look at me, I’m pretty” so taboo? And has anyone ever looked back when they were old and thought “I wish I had less pictures of myself”?

All those blaming electronic devices for making us vain do not have a foot to stand on -Let’s not forget why Cassiopeia was sent to the stars and in reality, rich people have been having their portraits painted for centuries, now it just appeals to the general population because of how mainstream it is to have a cellphone with a camera on it.

So for 29.99$, I’m going to buy that photoshoot (screw you, male sitting beside me) and I’m even going to frame it cause hell, I look cute with my new haircut and I want my grandchildren and everybody on the internet to know that. I think you should all go take a selfie now too.

4 Responses to “The “Selfie Culture” is So Not a Bad Thing”

  1. disconcerted72

    I saw a new term today that is replacing the “MetroSexual” – it’s called a “Spornosexual” and it’s for those men that asprite a look that is mixed with an athelete and a porn star…and apparently they are all up in the selfie-fad.

  2. L.M.Kan

    Good for you on getting the photo shoot. I just love getting a quality photo taken, it’s such an amazing feeling to see yourself through an artists’ eye.


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