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Yay the #YesAllWomen Hashtag

I seriously haven’t seen my twitter dashboard blow up like this since Ellen posted that Oscar selfie. So because everyone is talking about it, I thought I should too.

How did this #YesAllWomen hashtag start? With just one tweet in reaction to the Elliot Rodger’s tragedy and the #NotAllMen hashtag:

Source: Uploaded by user via redvelvetcake on Sex.com

I think this is such an awesome point and I’m obviously not the only one. It was only posted on May 24th and by the next day it has already started trending on both facebook and twitter.

I’m pretty sure you’ve all heard the “Not all men do (insert misogynistic thing here)”, especially when being cautious around your male friends/new partners and I’ve tried in vain sometimes to explain that I know that men as a group are not the enemy, but if we weren’t cautious, we would get blamed for it.

As for the hashtag, I feel like this is a super positive thing for feminism and women’s rights in general. First of all, because it’s basically taken over all mainstream media. Even people who don’t follow feminist twitter accounts have somehow been flooded with #YesAllWomen tweets they can’t help but read. Second of all, it’s also gotten a whole bunch of men to take part in it too. (which is awesome because people forget men can/should be feminists too!)

Basically, I’m extremely happy that it’s trending and I’ve quite enjoyed reading through them. See some of my favourites below:

Source: Uploaded by user via redvelvetcake on Sex.com

This one is written by a guy!

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