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Want Bigger Boobs? Forget Implants, Eat These Cookies!

You want bigger boobs, do you?

Well, forget about dropping thousands of dollars on breast implants, because now all you have to do is stuff your face with cookies all day and you’re GUARANTEED to get those massive DD knockers you’ve always dreamt about having.

Yes, there is now a new brand of cookies, coming out in Japan (where else) that supposedly safely and naturally increases your bust size.  How do these miracle cookies ‘work?’  They’re jammed with a supplement called Miroestrol which is extracted from a Thai plant called Pueraria Mirifica and is a form of estrogen.

You can read more about these miracle cookies here.

But, before you turn off the computer, leave the office early and run out to import 36 thousand boxes of these things in the hopes of finally having those huge awesome boobs, you should probably keep in mind that there’s absolutely no proof that these things have any measurable impact on cup size.

According to a nutritionist named Ian Marber, quoted in the above-linked article, there is absolutely no proof that Miroestrol has any effect on a woman’s cup size.

Source: Uploaded by user via Johnlyall on Sex.com

^She ate 223535235235235235235235 of these cookies!

So yeah, these cookies, regardless of how good they taste (they probably taste horrible) don’t actually do anything.  But small-boobed women around the world can dream, right?

Or, they can just be happy with their bodies and boob size and not spend all of their time tracking down miracle ‘cures’ for their bust size.  Then again, if you eat enough of these cookies, you probably WILL notice a difference in your bust size, along with the size of everything else.  For that matter, if you want bigger boobs, start eating cookies, pastries, cake, pie, Taco Bell and Mcdonalds, etc. etc.

You’ll notice a miracle increase in your bust size, I promise!

via Fox 

4 Responses to “Want Bigger Boobs? Forget Implants, Eat These Cookies!”

  1. AllergicToNormal

    As a 36 F….I just needed to know what to stay away from.

  2. augustmacgregor

    A crazy scheme, sounds like those email scams trying to sell pills that make an erection last for hours, and the pills are probably just sugar.

  3. fariv66

    May I say that I prefer small tits. I think they are more charming and make a woman more interesting.


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