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All This Thigh Gap Hype is Driving Me Crazy!

Everywhere I look, it’s thigh gap this and thigh gap that.  Who even decided that thigh gaps were a good thing in the first place?

I mean, I suppose you already know this, but you shouldn’t let fashion magazines inform you of what body types are sexy, because the vast majority of the photos within are all photoshopped anyways. I mean look at the title photo in this post as a great example of a digitally altered thigh gap!

Actually, forget I asked that – it’s obviously the media’s fault.

Now, if you like, really really need to get yourself a thigh gap before the summer, you can get doctors to blast off your inner thighs with a laser, and voila, you don’t even have to get your beach pics photoshopped! Yes, it’s the newest trend, thigh gap surgery!

CBS, who first broke this extremely important news story, described the procedure as follows:

“Thrive offers a cold laser therapy called Zerona, which claims to contour the shape of the body, shrinking and flushing away fat cells even in the most inconspicuous of places. It is pain-free and requires no surgery. “When I first came in, they told me to spread’em, and then I was nervous,” Tara admitted. “It’s a nice alternative. I can’t feel a single thing.”

Thigh gap therapy is just a nice way of saying thigh gap surgery, by the way.

Source: boxgap.net via boxgaps on Sex.com

I get it – confidence in your body is important.  Especially with ‘bikini’ season or whatever coming up, where you’re expected to flaunt your body and expose it to criticism.  But here’s the thing – bikini season as a ‘concept’ is completely bullshit.  Why should I have to change up or manipulate my body and hygiene to conform to what people expect to oogle over at a beach?  Fuck it, I’m going fully hair legs this summer.

This isn’t at all surprising though.  As soon as something becomes a fashion or mainstream media trend, plastic surgery to emulate that trend will soon follow.  Thigh gap surgery is just in the long line of plastic surgery trends that will continue to get longer.  It wasn’t long ago that the plastic surgery trend du jour was butt size enhancements, remember?

via Bustle

3 Responses to “All This Thigh Gap Hype is Driving Me Crazy!”

  1. Naive Nancy

    hmm, i’m torn on this one. i like natural thigh gap, but not like the photoshopped above. i’m known for having healthy size thighs, i used to be a ballet dancer, and now i weight lift, so they’ll never be small. but i still manage to have a minor thigh gap which my husband is quite thrilled with. now the photoshopped thigh gap above? that just makes me want to feed someone. every man i know prefers some meat on their woman’s bones.

  2. High School Yearbook Modified to Show Less Skin | The Undie Drawer

    […] Ever since we’ve had the technological capabilities to do so, the media has been modifying and airbrushing photographs. The idea behind these modifications is usually one of ‘enhancement.’ Using Photoshop, you can touch up a model’s skin tone, clear away any blemishes, subtract a few years from their face, and even go so far as to enhance their boobs or integrate the dreaded thigh gap. […]


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