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Italian Women Want to Have Sex with Priests

Pope Francis has recently become somewhat of a media darling, be dubbed one of the most relaxed and open-minded priests in recent history.  Of course, its probably all a sham/stunt to drum up support because he is STILL the head of one of the worst and most dangerous organizations in the world, but at least he doesn’t seem like a stand-offish murderer while he’s running things.

Well, that was a slightly sensationalist headline, but I don’t care because it’s Monday and I can do whatever I damn well please!  It’s Tuesday?  Well, I don’t care because I just had a long weekend and I can do whatever I damn well please!

Recently, a group of Italian women have made an odd, but somehow totally reasonable plea to the Pope. These are women who have had affairs and loved priests, and they’re tired of hiding in the shadows dammit!

The article quotes the women as follows:

We love these men, they love us,” … “and in most cases, despite all efforts to renounce it, one cannot manage to give up such a solid and beautiful bond.”

It would seem to me that relaxing the laws surrounding celibacy in priesthood could only prove beneficial.  Of course, doing so would fly in the face of centuries of archaic tradition – but what else is new for the Church?  You would think that loosening these laws would actually help the Church in several ways: joining would be seen as less of a soul-crushing commitment, so conscription might see an uptick.

Similarly, if priests can find love and have sex and get married, maybe they won’t suffer a long life of sexual repression and frustration, which might often lead to um…well, you know, that awful thing that priests seem to like doing with their choir boys.

Source: Uploaded by user via dingoboy on Sex.com

Obviously, this is all a big-time generalization.  Many priests are probably so steeped in tradition that the idea of taking a wife or lover might seem insane or blasphemous.  But initiatives like these aren’t about all of the old fossils puttering aimlessly around the Vatican.

If the Church wants to remain at all relevant moving forward and into new generations, they will need to make concessions about their tradition.  Or else, simply put, people will stop signing up.

via Jezebel

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