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The Idea of Sex with Robots is Gaining Popularity

As technology continues to advance, moral and cultural dilemmas are beginning to surface.  You already know that we spend a huge chunk of our lives plugged in, one way or another, be it through computers, the internet, and our smartphones.  Things are becoming automated.  The concepts of dating and sexual encounters are starting to be dominated by internet surfaces.

According to the blog over at Sex.com:

“A new survey by A One Poll has found that the fear of a robot taking your job is growing. 31% of people fear that one day they will be replaced by smarter, faster, more efficient machine. I don’t want to get into a debate as to whether or not we should be replaced by machines for the good of the planet, so I’ll just tell you that the poll also found that 17% of people would have sex with a robot.”

The fear associated with robots taking over our jobs and integrating into our societies used to be the stuff of science-fiction stories, but, like it or not, its becoming a reality.  To put it simply, computers and robots can do many of our jobs better than we can.  THEY’LL NEVER TAKE MY JOB THOUGH, THOSE FUCKING BUCKETS OF BOLTS.

One of the most interesting jobs in jeopardy is that of the sex worker.  Just like in any other field, rapid advancements are being made in sexual technology.  Some of the toys and gadgets that are hitting the markets these days are pretty mind-blowing.  But what will happen when an actual robot hits the market, capable of providing sexual pleasure with some sort of sentience beyond sticking your dick in a butthole shaped piece of rubber?

Source: ai-sex.net via larryhov on Sex.com

Well, according to the poll, the concept of sexual interaction with a robot is becoming more and more acceptable to our society.  And why not?  If a robot could accurately simulate a sexual partner, it would certainly get rid of much of the yellow tape surrounding casual sexual encounters.  Sex workers face a bleak working environment, filled with crime, threat of prosecution, drugs, and whatever else.  If you could simply plug a few bucks into a robot and get a blowjob or a quick roll in the hay, that might change.

I also get the feeling there would still be a market for real live people having sex with each other.

So, what do you think, if the opportunity presented itself, would you have sex with a robot?  Are you part of the 17% who find this idea acceptable, or is the future still too scary for you?

via Sex.com


2 Responses to “The Idea of Sex with Robots is Gaining Popularity”

  1. ItMatterstoGrey

    It seems like it would be a variation or a new spin on a sex toy. However, people would still want to have sex with people for the emotional connection.

  2. LifestyleGambler

    I would certainly give it a try, although it would depend on the quality of the experience if I would go back for more or not. Considering my sex drive is so much higher than my husband’s it could be a great addition for me 😉


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