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Sex in Public Sends Woman to the ER

TLC is known for putting together some really insane, usually stupid, and almost always compulsively watchable content.  Their latest masterpiece of television is called “Sex Sent me to the ER.”  Luckily, it doesn’t involve messed up STD related stuff, or anything gruesome at all.  You wouldn’t expect something as hard-hitting as that on TLC, would you?

Rather, the show seems to focus on some light-hearted (and most likely staged) examples of people going to the ER for silly sex-related issues.  The first episode focused on this poor lady who rocked her vibrator in the super market and ended up bumping her noggin on a fruit-stand, giving herself a concussion.

In the video, a young man and woman partake in some public sex fun as he uses a remote control to trigger a vibrator which is hidden in her pants.  Of course, the whole thing seems fake as hell, but it’s still pretty fun.  She just so happens to run into her friend while she’s shopping.  I’m sure that wasn’t a staged encounter at all.  Actually, the friend was probably just an actor.

Anyways, check out the clip at Perez Hilton.  I tried embedding into my post but I can’t get the embed code to work for some reason:

The Video

I’m all for sex in public places.  Exhibitionism is exciting and totally fine by my books.  Just be careful, and for god’s sakes, if you’re going to walk around in busy public spaces with a toy up your vagina (sounds pretty awesome actually,) then please be safe about it. I’m concerned for your health.  At least wear a bike helmet or something like that.

Though this show seems relatively stupid, I’m all for a mainstream TV series that promotes sexual exploration.  If young, stuffy, preppy couples are willing to partake in taboo sexual acts just to embarass themselves on television, than power to them!

via Perez Hilton

4 Responses to “Sex in Public Sends Woman to the ER”

  1. disconcerted72

    Well, I always assumed “safe sex” meant using a 5-point harness and helmet…


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