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Average Length of Sexual Intercourse for Men: 2 Minutes?!?!

Yesterday I did a post on how men with bigger penises are more likely to get cheated on.  In keeping with the theme of men’s sexuality and men’s genitalia, I found an article detailing the average length that men can last before cumming during sexual intercourse.

Dr. Harry Fisch, a urologist and noted expert on men’s sexuality, recently published a book entitled “The New Naked.”  To drum up some publicity, he wrote an article on Nerve which attempted to tackle the question of ‘what is the normal frequency of sexual intercourse in a relationship.”  Though he does discuss this question, the more interesting aspect of the post, in my opinion, is one of the supporting statistics tht he drops like a nuclear bomb:

45% of men cum during sexual intercourse within the first 2 minutes of penetration. That’s fast.  I mean, that’s insanely fast.  I can deal with dudes not being able to hang on for that long, or for the occasional couple pumps and then  done if the man simply can’t hang on, but 2 minutes on average?  Yikes.

Now, don’t get me wrong, vaginal penetration is not the end-all-be-all.  Sex can be just as satisfying without any vaginal penetration at all.  Some women can’t even achieve an orgasm through vaginal penetration.  The issue is that, oftentimes in heterosexual intercourse, the finish line is placed parallel to the male orgasm.  After a man cums, he can’t really do much else.  A generalization, to be sure, but one that holds pretty true in my experience.

All I’m saying is, I’m fine with someone cumming fast, but, they better at least make an effort to return the favour beforehand!

Still, 2 minutes though, man, that’s REALLY short.

via Nerve

6 Responses to “Average Length of Sexual Intercourse for Men: 2 Minutes?!?!”

  1. ItMatterstoGrey

    I feel bad for Dr. Fisch’s wife if he accepts 2 minutes. That is not very long. Thanks for posting this, I would add a 1 or a 0 (not both that would be crazy) after the number 2.

      • ItMatterstoGrey

        15 sounds about right for the first one. It has also been my experience that it depends on the woman how long I might last as well. The appropriate follow up question is how long does it take for round 2?

      • theundiedrawer

        For round 2 i guess it depends :p

        Some guys can last longer because they just came.

        Other guys last less long because they just came.

        I don’t really care at that point, just happy that the round 2 even happened!

      • ItMatterstoGrey

        I can go a long time after the first…I make sure they are satisfied..wink

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