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Size DOES Matter, But Not In The Way You Think

The long-standing discussion about the importance of penis size rages on with a new study coming out. The study, conducted in Kenya, has determined that penis size is extremely important to women in relationships.  Don’t get all self-conscious and nervous though, men.  Turns out, women in a partnership with men with big penises are MORE likely to cheat on their significant other.

Yes, that’s right, turns out that men with big penises are more likely to get cuckolded.  Not only that, but the increase in likelihood of infidelity actually increases exponentially for every extra inch of penis length!

The article breaks it down like this:

“Every one inch longer penis increased the likelihood of women being involved in extra-marital partnership by almost one-and-half times,”

Weird, right?  So why are women who have partners with big dicks more likely to cheat on them?  Simply put, its a matter of sexual satisfaction.  Despite what porn might indicate, most women don’t prefer to be penetrated by a huge penis.  It can be painful and it can be uncomfortable.  It might seem obvious, but most women are more interested in an emotional connection with someone, and in someone who knows how to pleasure them and satisfy them sexually, than just a big penis.  I’m of course not implying that people with big penises don’t know how to sexually satisfy women 😉

As with any scientific study, there are lots of things to take into account that probably haven’t been thoroughly considered, including the perceived importance of penis size in Kenyan society, as well as, you know, the quality of the relationship.  The article pointed this out, but most women don’t fall in love with a penis size, they fall in love with a person.  Penis size, though it can be an important factor for certain people, is USUALLY secondary or third or 24th, especially when it comes to a serious emotional relationship.

Anyways, like all studies like this, take it with a grain of salt.  It’s possible that there is a correlation between having a big penis and getting cheated on, but I think the whole matter is completely subjective. Some people are size queens, and some aren’t, and I guess in a way we’re back to square 1 on the subject!

via Huffington Post

9 Responses to “Size DOES Matter, But Not In The Way You Think”

  1. disconcerted72

    IT’s the never ending discussion, isn’t it?
    I have talked to plenty of women about penis size and the most common answer I’ve heard when asked if size is important is “It depends”. I think there is an “optimal” size for anyone woman and it is based on so many different aspects of the sexual and emotional relationship.

    Then again, from a counter report I red not to long ago is that men with a large penis are also prone to doing more cheating, so it would be interesting to know how those two studies are related, right?

    But then again, I’ve noticed that there are many more ways to provide the satisfaction a woman needs than a penis…and I say that as a “smaller” guy. For example, a 12 inch tongue goes a long ways…. 😛 j/k

    • theundiedrawer

      I totally agree that the whole thing is very subjective. Different ‘strokes’ for different folks, as it were! I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support for this blog and consistent replies! Thank you!

      • disconcerted72

        It’s truly my pleasure. Although sex seems like such a superficial topic, but I think people miss how deep it really can be (every pun intended).

  2. ItMatterstoGrey

    Interesting, I wonder if guys with longer penis’ are more likely to cheat as well? so being like a teapot is ideal? Short and stout?

    • theundiedrawer

      Not sure about that, but I read an interesting theory that people with big penises get a big sense of entitlement along with it. Perhaps people with big penises go for more superficial women who in turn are more likely to cheat on them? Just a theory – no real basis for it!

      • ItMatterstoGrey

        hhhmmm, I have cheated and I don’t think I have an unusually long penis. A sense of entitlement, wink…Maybe. I am not drawn to superficial, give me the alpha woman, that is a challenge for me to get her to submit, and they usually do….but that would be a whole other story.

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