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Dating Advice: First Impressions are KEY

Everyone knows that first impressions on a date are extremely important.  If you show up to a date looking like a completely dishevelled slob, or drunk off your ass, or you have the type of personality that somebody finds IMMEDIATELY grating, well, you’re gonna be in trouble.

We’re aware that first impressions are important, but did you know that you only have about 12 minutes to make a good one?  Yup, according to ‘science’ (arbitrary poll with a small sample size), if you haven’t impressed your hot date in the first 12 minutes, you’re totally screwed.   12 minutes doesn’t seem like a long time.  Personally, I like to take the slow-burn approach:

If someone can still handle me after a first date, then we should probably just go ahead and get married.

But if you’re trying to adhere to these objective scientific truths, how the heck are you supposed to impress someone with such a strict time constraint?

According to the study, the most important characteristics towards making a good first impression, according to the study?  A nice smile, eye contact, and tone of voice.  All of these things fall under the dreaded ‘confidence’ umbrella.

Make sure to clean yourself up and look nice, because here are the biggest turn-offs on a first date:

The biggest turn-offs?  Bad breath, body odour, and excessive swearing.  UH OH, no wonder I can never get a second date!  I’m kind of joking.

What do you think about this study?  I think that the whole 12 minute aspect is sort of bull.  I agree that first impressions are very important, but 12 minutes seems like a very arbitrary amount of time, and will put undue pressure on someone going on a date.

On the other hand, I think that the attractive and unattractive qualities listed are pretty spot-on. Confidence and hygiene are key!

What do you think?  Are you quick to judge someone on a first date?  Do you think 12 minutes is a fair or accurate amount of time to make a first impression?

via The Daily Mail and Sex.com

2 Responses to “Dating Advice: First Impressions are KEY”

  1. disconcerted72

    I once heard that a woman knows, within the first 10 minutes of meeting a guy, whether or not she would have sex with him. I think it probably has a LOT to do with that little tidbit of information. Granted, that doesn’t mean that the “relationship” is destined to last, but it does give credit to the idea that first impressions are important.

  2. Stuart

    I think you can tell right away, usually, whether there’s any chance of it having any sort of connection. But in the past, I have gone on dates where it takes a couple hours to decide that we should go out a second time.

    Trying not to look like a buffoon right away is helpful.


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