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Adult Industry Workers Discriminated Against by JPMorgan Chase

The marginalization and unfair treatment of people working in adult industries continues, and this time at the hands of one of the biggest banking and investment institutions in the United States, JPMorgan Chase.  As quoted by the blog over at Sex.com:

Currently, JPMorgan Chase is back on its moral high horse, purging all their pornstar clients by closing their accounts. Pornstars like Teagan PresleyDakota SkyeStormy DanielsBonnie RottenVeronica Avluv, Kieran Lee, Alexis AmoreVanessa Veracruz, Angelina Capri and more have all reportedly received letters saying their accounts have been closed.”

Apparently, these accounts have been closed for ‘moral reasons.’  The interesting thing is that, when approached about these recent closures, JPMorgan Chase has been relatively transparent about their reasoning.  They don’t want to provide banking services for people who they have arbitrarily deemed as being morally questionable.

The irony of JPMorgan Chase questioning the morality of a bunch of men and women working to earn a living in the adult industry is covered nicely in the Sex.com post, but needless to say, the banking institution is one of the most sleazy, underhanded, and morally reprehensible in the world and certainly in the US.

Here’s an institution that has been repeatedly busted for laundering money for drug cartels and violating regulations and financial good will time and time again.

It’s one thing for members of the adult industry to have to face implied criticism, judgments, and pretentiousness about their line of work, but its another to face tangible sanctions from their banks of choice.  I’m assuming JPMorgan Chase is owned/managed by a bunch of stuffy white conservatives.  I’m also willing to be that the same stuffy white conservatives furiously masturbate in their big offices to kinky hardcore porn with the lights off while they’re supposed to be ‘working late.’

Get a clue JPMorgan Chase!  Unacceptable!

via Sex.com

5 Responses to “Adult Industry Workers Discriminated Against by JPMorgan Chase”

  1. autosoma

    It’s probably because one of the 33 floor guys didn’t get a free blowjob from one of his clients. Bankers are one of the biggest consumers of pornography and prostitutes that I know of in financial services, in one place I worked, the HR Dept and Internal Accounting kept a black book to track all of the expensed use of “private and personal services”. Hypocrisy at its best.

      • autosoma

        That’s not even scratching the surface love, at another place in the city, our exchange servers kept on crashing because of all the porn spam, one of directors demanded that the spam filters be dropped so he could get the latest updates from one of the porn sites he actually paid for which flooded all the inboxes, because the sysadmin took his request literally and dropped it for every one.

        Better yet a principal (a senior broker) demanded that the mails from his preferred escort agency be redirected to his juniors account (for him to pay) who then redirected it back.

        Both incidents ground the networks to a halt and days worth of business was lost .

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