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Sleeping Habits Affect Your Relationship

One of the big steps in a relationship is when you begin sleeping with your partner several times of week. I’m not talking about sex, I’m talking about regular, good old fashioned slumber parties!

Of course, you can learn a whole lot about your partner, both good and bad, once you start sleeping with them.  Didn’t realize that they snored?  Tough break.  Restless leg syndrome?  Good luck with that.   I drool all over you and your pillowcases and sheets every night?  Oops!

These are all minor annoyances, but something that can create real problems is a divergence in opinion about how two people should sleep together.  Some people like cuddling up, and some people hate it and need their space.  I like to cuddle, personally, but I have encountered many people who can’t conceive of anything worse than being rubbed up against when they are trying to get some shut-eye.

Well, as reported by the Telegraph, a new study shows that sleeping close together and cuddling makes couples happier and indicates a healthier relationship.  I TOLD YOU SO, ALL EX-BOYFRIENDS WHO WOULD NOT SPOON ME:

In addition, more couples who made physical contact through the night were happier than those with a “no touching” rule while trying to sleep.”

Another interesting statistic in the article is the fact that 42% (the majority) of couples sleep back to back, out of 1000 couples surveyed.  That’s probably my least favourite way to sleep with my partner, and is usually reserved for when we’re so exhausted we both immediately fall asleep, or when we’re having a little fight 😉

Source: Uploaded by user via GilPowers on Sex.com

^A sign of an unhappy couple!

It does make sense, after all.  Touching while sleeping is a sign of closeness and intimacy.  I understand that some people simply like having a lot of space when they sleep, and sometimes I desire that as well.  I guess I live in a slightly different reality than many of the couples polled for this particular study however:  If I don’t feel like intimately sleeping in the same bed with my partner, I simply go home and sleep alone!

Some people don’t have that luxury, however.  So if things are a bit tense between you and your partner, a simple way to make things a bit better is to try sleeping closer together!

Sigh, relationship and dating pitfalls and obstacles exist everywhere, even when you’re sleeping.

How close together do you like to sleep with your significant other?  Do you feel like it makes a marked difference in your relationship?

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