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Sex Advice: Good and Bad Places to Have Sex

Having sex is really awesome, but, if you’re in a longer term sexual relationship, it’s very easy for things to become stagnant.  As you become more comfortable with your partner as a companion, the passionate sexual chemistry that first existed moves to the back burner.  A great way to re-invigorate things is to change up your sexual environment.  The bedroom is always a solid option, but it can become too familiar, boring, and just not conducive to sex.  The bed transforms from a sexual object into an object associated with sleep, and before you know it you’re both reading novels with matching bedside lamps and falling asleep at eleven thirty.

Good – Kitchen Counter Tops, Desks, Household Surfaces: Caveat – you haven’t left any pointy objects lying around.  It can be super erotic to have a spontaneous intimate encounter in a place that isn’t traditionally meant for sex.  It may seem obvious, but if things have hit a bit of a dry spell, convince your partner to have sex with you in more exotic locations than the bedroom.  Being propped up against a countertop is one of the sexiest feelings, because it feels so PASSIONATE.

Bad – Pools, Jacuzzis, Baths, Showers:  The concept of getting intimate with your partner underwater might sound romantic, but it’s a logistic nightmare.  Your body produces natural lubrication to make having sex enjoyable (and possible), so you probably don’t want to be washing all of that away. Probably the worst feeling in the world is trying to have sex while both of you are all dry down there.  Artificial lubrication is certainly a possibility.  Having said that, sex in these locations always seems a bit physically awkward and difficult.  I’ve gotten pretty intense muscle cramps trying to get into a position to have sex in a shower.  My recommendation?  Use these locations for the foreplay stuff – making out, embracing, and when you’re ready for the fun stuff, hop out and move to a more suitable environment.

Source: Uploaded by user via GilPowers on Sex.com

Good – Hidden Places Outdoors: One of the best sexual encounters I’ve ever had was with an ex-boyfriend when I was quite a lot younger.  We went for a long walk through a national park in in the late summer. The park wasn’t very busy, so we walked into a forested area, laid down a blanket, and proceeded to have very passionate and exciting sex.  Finding secret romantic spots like this can be an exciting adventure in its own right, and taps into the exhibitionist side that I believe exists in all of us.  Just make sure that you set up somewhere where you won’t be stumbled upon, unless you WANT to be stumbled upon 😉

Bad – Public Bathrooms, Public Spaces: While I just said that everyone has a bit of an exhibitionist side, there are lines that need to be drawn.  Stay clean and sanitary!  Having sex in a public bathroom at a club or restaurant might seem like a passionate idea at the time, but generally speaking, public bathrooms are cramped, busy and dirty.  Similarly, having sex in a really public space (even if it SEEMS private) is a risky proposition. I’ve been there, I’ve done it, and my experiences have been pretty underwhelming.

Of course, there are many other potential spots for a romantic encounter.  The world is your oyster!

What are some other good or bad spots to try and mix up your sexual environment?  I’d love to here from my readers on this one!

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