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Rekindle Romance With a Vacation This Summer

The long, hard winter has almost wound down, and for the first time this year, I’m looking out my office window and wishing I could be sitting outside on a patio or in a park somewhere.  Yes, that’s right, the season of shorts and tank tops and beaches and bikinis is finally upon us.  I couldn’t be happier.

The longer winter has a way of creating issues for people.  You spend almost the whole thing hibernating inside, watching movies, trying to stay warm.  I haven’t seen some of my friends since the end of the summer, yet, everyone is coming out of their lair now, ready to have some fun and re-enter the world.  Winter can be extremely isolating.  If you can master the short days, early dark and unbearable cold, then winter can be a great opportunity to be productive – finish writing that novel, take up a new hobby, or whatever!

Being in a relationship in the winter can certainly, and often does, take its toll.  Chances are, during the winter you’re going to be spending a lot of time cozying up with your partner and spending quiet nights in.  That’s what normally happens to me, anyways.  But spending so much alone time with your partner, without having the opportunity to get out into the world and burn some energy, can create a feeling of claustrophobia and stir-craziness.  You’ve come to depend on your partner for support and companionship, and now that it’s nice out, you want to spread your wings a little bit.

I’ve seen this occur a million times.  A couple stays together for the long, hard winter, and as soon as the trees start to bloom they’ve started arguing and eventually break-up. All of that build-up and closeness for nothing!

Try going on a trip.  One of the most exciting things about spring/summer is the feeling that the world has opened up a bit, and is just waiting to be explored.  The opportunities are endless during the summer, and simply put, you’ll feel more motivated to get out their and go somewhere exciting.  The excitement of travelling somewhere can translate quite easily into your relationship and breathe some life into things after that draining winter. You don’t even have to go somewhere tropical or anything like that. A simple weekend trip out of town can be just the right thing.

I personally find that making the trip too ‘romantic’ can actually be shooting yourself in the foot.  You don’t need the additional pressure of forced romance – pretend like you’re just going on a trip with your friend.  The excitement of doing new things and seeing new places is inherently romantic, so no need to put you and your partner in the spotlight.

Getting out of your normal day-to-day grind is also inherently romantic.  If things in the bedroom have slowed down a bit, you’ll be more inclined to get intimate with your partner in a relaxed environment outside of your normal comfort zone.  A new bed can make a big difference!

I have several trips planned for this summer already, unfortunately, sans boyfriend.  That’s because I don’t have a boyfriend.  Having said that, helping with relationships is not the only benefit of going on a trip.  I’m going to go and just have a blast with some of my girlfriends!



2 Responses to “Rekindle Romance With a Vacation This Summer”

  1. Naive Nancy

    I have a husband and still plan trips with the girls. It’s good to get out and nurture relationships of every kind.

    • theundiedrawer

      True, as a single woman without family I didn’t consider the healing/nurturing effects that a trip can have on any sort of relationship! Guess my mind stays focused on sex most of the time 😉


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