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Night-Owls Have More Sex Than Early Risers

Which is fantastic news for me, since I sometimes brink on real, clinical insomnia.

Ever heard of something called cortisol?  Don’t worry – I hadn’t either, until checking out this new study that just came out detailing how cortisol affects the human sexual drive and mentality.

The most enlightening quote from the journal, which I admit, I did not read all the way through, is as follows:

“Both female and male night-owls were more likely to be single than in long-term relationships than early morning individuals. Eveningness was associated with higher risk-taking in women but not in men; this association was not testosterone-dependent but mediated by cortisol. Female night-owls had average cortisol profiles and risk-taking tendencies more similar to those of males than to those of early-morning females.”

So there seems to be two contributing factors to the idea that people who live a late-night lifestyle have more sex than those who go to bed early: these people are more likely to be single, and, as a result of increased levels of cortisol, night-owls are more likely to take risks and live assertively.  In this case, ‘taking risks’ refers to having casual sexual encounters, of course.

The underlying assertion in this journal is that women who stay up really late start to act like men, at least in terms of their cortisol reaction.

Source: Uploaded by user via GilPowers on Sex.com

^these girls love to stay up late, party, and therefore are more likely to get laid than you, sleepy lady!

So if you’re looking for some short-term, non-monogamous sexy times, you should start drinking coffee at 8PM so you can stay up all night, have some casual sex, then show up 45 minutes late for work the next morning all dishevelled and sexually satisfied.

Personally, I’ve never noticed a direct correlation between my sleeping patterns and my sexual activity.  I suppose it makes sense, in a totally practical way, that going to bed later facilitates sexual encounters.  I could have guessed that without going into the science of it, however: pretty much all of the more casual sexual encounters I’ve experienced have stemmed from being out late at a party, at a bar, or at a friend’s house (and usually with some booze mixed in for good measure.)

What do you think?  Have you ever noticed any direct affect on your sexual life based on your sleeping patterns?

via Sex.com

4 Responses to “Night-Owls Have More Sex Than Early Risers”

  1. mik1999

    This is fascinating. My wife goes through periods where she/we stay up later and are more socially active. During those periods, we definitely have more and more varied sex.

    • theundiedrawer

      Honestly, I think it’s a combination of increased chemical reaction that I discuss in the post, but also, I think living a lifestyle where one stays up late and is more social is just conducive to meeting people, and to having sex. If you live a life where you go to bed early, you’re more likely to be ‘too tired’ or make excuses as to why it’s sleep-time and not sex-time, if that makes sense.

  2. Dugutigui

    It must be true. When I was young, I was wandering more at night than a garbage truck. Now I understand why: my levels of cortisol 🙂


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