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Scientific Breakdown of Flirting Techniques




Flirting works.  Perhaps this isn’t the most ground-breaking study of all time because it seems like a pretty obvious assertion to make.  There are, however, some interesting findings if you drill down a bit into the numbers.

I think it’s pretty cool that, according to the article, your flirting game is much more important than how you like.  Flirting, or showing signs of availability, seems to attract more suitors than looking like a total babe.  Though I’m assuming a combination of both is the most successful.  Have your cake and eat it too, right?

Great news for me.  I guess it means that when I just rolled out of bed, my hair is a huge bird’s nest, and I have last night’s make-up smeared all across my face, I still got a shot with that hunky dude in the mall as long as I flash my pearly whites and stroke his arm lightly.  Perfect.

The most successful flirting techniques?  Eye contact, smiling, and light touching.  Once again, nothing groundbreaking, but people often forget to keep things simple.

Basically, the article outlines that it’s important to draw the line between being too assertive, and being so meek with your flirting that nobody even knows you’re doing it.  It comes down to confidence, ultimately.  You need to SHOW people that you’re interested in them, rather than assuming that they have any idea what’s going on.  People aren’t mind-readers (at least most of them hopefully), so you have to be pretty forward with your intentions.

Context is also extremely important.  Your classic flirting environments (IE bars, restaurants) work much better for getting your point across than more formal environments like schools.  If you want to pick up that hottie at school, you have to be ready to put that extra mile of effort in to convey your interest.

I’m a pretty out-going person in the first place, so these tips don’t really offer me anything new.  But it’s the percentages and numbers that I find interesting.

Flirting is a science, and this article proves it!

via TheWeek

5 Responses to “Scientific Breakdown of Flirting Techniques”

  1. eric keys

    Showing interest? People aren’t mind readers? This explains so much of my failures in the dating world…

    • theundiedrawer

      The main thing to take away, especially as a man, is that all of those tropes about having to assert a bit of dominance are scientifically true. Having said that, it’s important to remember that not all women are into bravado and show-boats, you just gotta strike a careful balance

  2. astraltravler

    Dear Undie,
    Fantastic Post, and I loved your reply to Eric Keys. I personally feel the same. I am attracted to a dominate male, one who needs to “show boat” is a major turn off.


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