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Who Pushes Sexual Progression? Nerds!

I’m pretty much a huge nerd.  The fact that I spend so much time blogging and surfing the internet fits me firmly in the nerd-bracket.  But you know what?  I’m totally fine with that.  In fact, I embrace it!

The term ‘nerd’ being used in a derogatory sense is pretty much a thing of the past.  At some point, mainstream media re-appropriated the classic concept of being a nerd and turned it into something cool and desirable. Makes total sense. Why should someone be derided for being intelligent, or for showing an intense passion for a particular sub-culture?

Vice.com put out a super interesting article entitled “Are You Ready to Fuck Like a Nerd?”  It brings up several really thought-provoking points about how ‘nerd culture,’ and the characteristics associated with being a nerd line up and intersect with sexuality and especially with sexual tropes in our society.

The article focusses mainly on the legitimization of ‘fringe’ or specific sub-cultures, which has long been championed by nerds around the world.  Here are my favourite quotes from the piece:

“So what are sex nerds into? Consent. The destigmatization of kink. Sexual fluidity and the dissolution of gender binaries. Feminism. Sex positivity. Figuring out a place for BDSM in a world where rape culture is the norm. LGBTQ activism. Polyamory and other alternatives to traditional monogamy. Hacking sex toys to make them bigger, better, and scarier. “

“In recent years, the internet has done for alternative sexuality what it did for comic fans, anime otaku, and gamers—uniting like-minded but geographically distant subgroups and revealing the “fringe” to be larger and far more passionate than anyone had expected.”

Source: pinterest.com via Kubrickimposter on Sex.com

It makes complete sense to me that, even as broad as the term may be, ‘nerds’ are partially responsible for pushing concepts of gender and sexual equality and exploration into mainstream society. For a long time, nerds have been legitimizing a variety of different things that have been considered too specific or intellectual or simply lame for the mainstream media.  Examples include things like computers, video games, comic books, etc. Why should sexuality be any different?

This is a very insightful article, and one that I suggest everyone read.

via Vice

14 Responses to “Who Pushes Sexual Progression? Nerds!”

  1. disconcerted72

    Thank the horny gawds, I’m a nerd! 😉
    Great post!

      • disconcerted72

        LOL…we’re not being arrogant with this self-assessment, are we? Or maybe we can take a more Descartes approach and simply know, because we are, huh? 😉

      • astraltravler

        I will go to Vice’s site, to acknowledge this fascinating article. I’m delighted that you reblogged, and I’m looking forward to reading your postings.
        Anastasia 😊

  2. Weatherguy

    Certainly no question about me being a nerd…that said, the Space Ghost outfit has never made it to the bedroom. Yet


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