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The After-Effects of Plastic Surgery

We’re usually only exposed to the polar extremes of plastic surgery.

On one hand, we see the horrifying effects of people who have basically completely disfigured themselves through plastic surgery – something that is especially prevalent in hollywood, but even extents into the perverse territory of “Human Barbie and Ken Dolls,” who, in my humble opinion anyways, are very unsettling in their appearance.  We also hear about the complications that can occur during operation, and how patients essentially put their lives on the line for the sake of their conception of beauty.

Plastic surgery doesn’t always look quite so terrifying, however.  Sometimes it can be used for medical/practical reasons (such as breast reduction,) and hey, sometimes somebody just has a really good nose or boob job performed and they actually end up looking totally amazing!

But one thing that is often overshadowed about plastic surgery is the human element – these are people who are modifying their body, and they have their reasons.  Maybe its cultural/societal pressure to fit into certain beauty ideals, or maybe it’s a completely measured, self-aware reasoning.  One aspect of plastic surgery that is often forgotten about is the recovery period that occurs after the surgery is completed – which must be extremely nerve-wracking for the patient if you think about it:

You’re basically stuck in limbo.  You’ve had the surgery done.  You’re wrapped up in bandages and have to be extremely careful with your stilted body movement.  You have no idea if you’ll like, love or hate ‘the new you.’  All you can do is wait until the recovery is over, your bandages are removed, and you can finally look in that mirror and witness the completion of your metamorphosis.

Source: theundiedrawer.wordpress.com via GilPowers on Sex.com

It must be extremely tough, and a timeframe thats filled with anxiety and self-doubt and nervousness.

Anyways, Jezebel posted some pictures taken by a South Korean artist named Ji Yeo, who had planned to go through the process of plastic surgery herself, and they are both heartbreaking and extremely inspiring.

These are pictures taken during the very time-frame that I just mentioned: after the surgery has been performed, but before recovery is complete.  The anxiety and self-doubt is so apparent in these pictures!

I could never go through with plastic surgery myself, I don’t think!  These pictures only re-enforce my sentiments.

Via Jezebel

3 Responses to “The After-Effects of Plastic Surgery”

  1. LifestyleGambler

    Awesome post. I’ve had plastic surgery, and it was a major decision. It was scary and embarrassing, as well as many other things. However, for me it was worth it. I have never regretted making that choice, and ultimately found it empowering to take control of my body in a way my family and friends might not agree with. Thanks to the support of my wonderful husband I recovered beautifully. I agree with your opinion on the Barbie and Ken doll people, but most cases are not so extreme. Like any major life decision, it can be positive or negative depending on the reasons why you make it and the precautions you take, such as finding a good physician in this circumstance. For me, it was a positive change.

    • theundiedrawer

      Thanks for the feedback. It’s encouraging to hear from someone who actually went through it and for whom it had a positive impact on their life. It’s important, I think, to have a strong support network with a decision as big as this, and it sounds like you did!


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