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Sex Box: Sex Comes to TV in the Most Boring Way Possible

Ever wanted to watch real couples have sex live on prime-time television?  Of course you have!

Well now you can totally do that, well, sort of.

Here’s the first episode of the UK version of the show, which obviously inspired the upcoming American remake.

As you can see, the show is extremely boring.  I never thought I would say a show that involves real life couples having sex on live television would be boring, but here we are.

The main thing is that there’s absolutely nothing sexy about this show.  Whenever I watch pornography, which is admittedly not THAT often, I tend to watch amateur stuff.  As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, I don’t find the staged, glossy atmosphere of normal pornography all that arousing.  I’ve always wanted there to be a show that explores the real human nature of sexuality.

Of course, I guess I shouldn’t be expecting too much from a prime-time reality talk show, right?

The concept of the show, according to producers:

“The ‘in the moment’ approach “fosters conversations about intimacy that are completely filterless and emotionally honest,” according to the network’s pilot description.”

I guess I understand the value of trying to foster real, intimate conversations about sexuality, but I think that the concept is undermined by the fact that these people are being forced to talk about their sexual experience on LIVE TELEVISION.  I don’t believe that we’ll be getting real honest answers, do you?

So anyways, WE network has picked up an American pilot of the show.  I don’t see this type of show having a very successful run in the United States unless they really spice things up to keep people entertained.  Sure, some of the questions asked on the UK version are quite racy, but, I get the feeling that most Americans are fairly desensitized to that type of racy discourse.  Unless we truly see some T&A, I don’t think this show is going to catch many people’s attentions.

But I’m not a big-shot TV executive, so maybe the network bigwigs know something about American viewing habits that I don’t?

I wonder if the Americanized version of the show will be more sexualized?  I’ll probably tune in, at least for the first couple episodes, just to see what approach to sexuality the show takes.  I’m always interested in the way that sexuality is portrayed in mainstream media, so maybe it’ll be worth a watch?

What do you think?  Does the concept for this show intrigue you?  For me it’ll be all about the execution!

via Jezebel

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