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The Fascination With Awards Ceremonies

It’s that time of year again!

It’s still freezing cold outside, but the warm spring is in sight.  Valentine’s Day just passed and there’s nothing really going on until Easter, which nobody really cares about anyways.  So how do we get through these last frigid weeks without going completely insane?  Why, it’s awards seasons!  Hooray!

The Grammys came and went several weeks ago and I didn’t watch them.  Then we have a bunch of other inconsequential film awards shows, which I’m sure are of great fun for those actors that are being honoured, all leading up to the BIG ONE: The Oscars!  I also didn’t watch the Oscars.  Because I really hate watching awards ceremonies.  But before I come off as being too bitter or cynical, let me explain, no, defend myself:

Awards Ceremonies are boring, excessive, and completely self-serving for everyone involved.  I understand that it’s a celebration of the films and actors that we all love.  I understand that it’s extremely prestigious, and that half of the reason why most people watch is to take in all of the luxury and glamour and see the exquisite dresses, suits and beautiful people. I guess I just don’t understand the general fascination with the Oscars.

To me, they are just BORING.  They’re way too long.  It takes forever for any of the awards to be handed out.  The performances are sometimes decent, but often trainwrecks.  For some reason, they upped the number of best picture nominees to around 10, when I thought that 5 was already too much.  The speeches have the potential to be really inspiration and heart-warming, but usually aren’t.  The hosts are awfully painfully unfunny, or perhaps hamstrung by the network and unable to really let loose.  It just feels STUFFY.

I will say, however, that the Oscars do generate some really beautiful dresses and looks.  Also, some pretty hilarious moments come out of them sometimes, like this selfie pic that has been floating around the internet and could potentially become an iconic snapshot of some of the biggest celebs in 2013-2014:

Source: theundiedrawer.wordpress.com via GilPowers on Sex.com

Could someone actually please explain to me what the fascination is?  I’ll stick to just reading the results on the next day.  Good enough for me.  It’s more about the movies for me, and not the big, over-stuffed ceremonies that surround them.

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