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Celebrity Escort Phenomenon

I was reading a really funny/disturbing/weird article on Jezebel about Kim Kardashian’s recent experience.  There’s many interesting little tidbits to be drawn from the article, including the blackface incident which ultimately made Kim leave the event in an impromptu manner.

Here’s what I was most curious about though: why is it that celebrities are allowed to be glorified escorts without coming under any scrutiny or legal trouble?  Kim Kardashian accepted $500,000 to escort Richard Lugner to his event, and though it is presumed that she wasn’t going to have sex with him at the end of the night, he still seemed to be under the impression that she was an ‘escort,’ trying to be alone with her and allegedly ‘grabbing’ her.

From reading Richard Lugner’s Wikipedia article, it seems that each year’s celebrity is presented as a sort of ‘media stunt,’ who signs autographs and sometimes performs, yet afterwards, they become Lugner’s official ‘guest’ to his extravagant evening gala.  If you ask me (and nobody really is!) it all seems like some thinly veiled attempt to get close to beautiful women, while avoiding any legal or moral implications that might come up.  Though based on the blackface stunt outlined in the Jezebel article, it seems that moral implications are of no real concern to Richard Lugner.

Source: theundiedrawer.wordpress.com via GilPowers on Sex.com

This is just another example of the double-standard that exists when it comes to celebrities and what they can get away with.  It shouldn’t really come as a surprise, yet it leaves a weird taste in my mouth.  How can celebrities get away with accepting huge sums of money to be escorts, and not face any consequences?

It’s not that I have a problem with escorting or even prostitution, in fact, I believe strongly that both should be completely legalized – its just that currently, many escorts and prostitutes face horrible work environments and pressure from the police and elsewhere, and they’re just trying to make a living.  Meanwhile, celebrities can waltz around, accepting huge sums of money to be escorts (even though they probably usually don’t have sex) and they don’t face any issues at all.  Even the Jezebel article doesn’t make any mention of the double-standard at play here!

Also, LOL that Lindsay Lohan was supposed to attend one year, but missed her flight! Classic.

What do you readers think about this whole thing?

2 Responses to “Celebrity Escort Phenomenon”

  1. Naive Nancy

    It’s funny but I thought the same thing when I heard about this today! Glorified escorts but it’s okay?


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