Warning: Contents May Be Hot

Erotic Reader: Carmen’s Law Pt. 3

By: Alexandra Walker

Carmen and Alex cruised down the straight endless highway, smouldering heat all around them, with the loud drumming of the radio station piercing an otherwise silent road trip through Arizona.

Alex and Carmen were at the end of what was intended to be a romantic trip together. It had started that way, the first several days filled with passionate exploration of each other’s bodies and minds.  Yet, perhaps the pressure of such an extended amount of time spent immersed completely into each other had begun to weigh down them. Carmen felt too many parallels forming between her relationship with Alex and the relationship from her past with Matt that still left a wake of disarray in her life.

She did not want things to end this way, but Carmen could no longer ignore the feeling of claustrophobia that now presented itself when she thought about Alex. And she felt that this was not a one-sided issue: she could see in Alex’s eyes and body language that he reciprocated her feelings.

So Carmen resolved to leave that evening. It would not be pleasant, but she would take the flight home alone. Alex would be upset, but he would ultimately have to understand.

When they returned to their motel, Carmen sat down on the bed and rested her forehead in her hands.

‘Alex,” she said, “We need to talk about something.  I think we both know what’s happening here.”

“What the hell are you talking about, Carmen?”

“Hiding from it won’t change anything. Things aren’t like they were.  Our dynamic has changed…”

Carmen trailed off, trying to read Alex’s reaction to her confession.

“So that’s it?  You’ve already made up your mind?” asked Alex, his face cloudy and visibly upset.

“Alex, please try to understand. I know that this decision is the right one.”

“Carmen, you can’t leave like this!”

“I have to Alex.  I’m going to take the plane home tomorrow morning – that’s the soonest available flight.”

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Alex stormed over to the fridge and pulled out a beer. He lit up a cigarette and sat in a chair, stewing in incredulity and sadness.

Carmen felt an even split of sadness and relief. The night rolled around without more than a couple of words passing between them. The hotel room did not have an air conditioner and so the oppressive heat of the desert night penetrated everywhere, leaving Carmen and Alex both in a state of perpetual sweatiness. Though it was awkward, Carmen and Alex had no choice to strip down into their underwear, if only to try and curb the overwhelming heat.

Carmen fanned herself with a takeout delivery menu and looked across the room at Alex. She realized that Alex had already been studying her, but he averted his eyes when she looked at him.   Carmen realized that she did not want Alex to misunderstand her intentions or be hurt by her decision. She stood up from her seat at the desk and walked over to the bed, next to where Alex was sitting in the chair.  She touched his thigh lightly.

“Alex, listen, everything is going to be alright. This isn’t the end of the world, you know.”

Alex looked up at her, “It isn’t?  You could have fooled me, Carmen. I know things have been a little rough, but Carmen, I fell for you so hard and I still care deeply for you. I don’t want things to end this way. It doesn’t make any sense.”

At that moment a very strange sensation came over Carmen, normally so steadfast in her decisions: a raw and deeply emotional reaction the likes of which she had not felt in ages. She saw Alex in a light that had threatened to flicker out – perhaps she had been too hasty to leave, perhaps the decision had been an unconscious reaction triggered by her fear of a new commitment, and equally by the fear of being hurt again.

She took Alex’s face in her hands, moving closer to him.

“Alex, I’m so sorry.”

Alex looked up at her, doubt readily apparent drifting through his eyes.

“There’s nothing you have to be sorry about.”

Carmen and Alex looked at each other tenderly – Carmen could feel the magnetic pull into Alex’s arms taking over.  At this moment, she did not care of her decision was the right one.  Before she could acknowledge what was going on, she was sitting on Alex’s lap, straddling him, the two of them kissing roughly and touching all over each other’s bodies in the soft, hazy lighting of the desert motel room.  As soon as Carmen sat on Alex she could feel him coming to life.

Carmen could not stop gyrating her body on top of Alex.  The excitement was the most extreme that she had ever felt.

She could tell through Alex’s intensity that he felt the same way.  Carmen pulled down Alex’s briefs and to reveal his perfect erect penis.  Carmen loved everything about Alex’s cock.  She loved the way it looked, and the way it felt inside of her.  She started touching Alex’s penis, as soon as her lips touched it; Alex started twisting slightly in the chair, moaning quietly.

As she gave him a blowjob, Carmen could feel a glow expanding in her center.  Carmen could not help touching herself, lightly around her clit and slipping her fingers inside.  Alex pulled her up and onto him.  The fullness that Carmen felt as Alex pulled her onto his hardness was drove her crazy, filling her with an instant ebb of ecstasy.  Slowly at first, Alex put his hands on Carmen’s ass and pushed himself deep inside of her.  Carmen let Alex’s strong arms guide her movement, before taking over and beginning to ride Alex more and more vigorously.

Source: bing.com via crossthreaded on Sex.com

They alternated between slow and fast for a long time, just enjoying their bodies and minds being totally connected, bathing in the hot air, getting used to the feeling of controlled ecstasy.  But Carmen felt an intense surge inside of her, and knew that she would soon orgasm.  She thrust harder onto Alex’s cock, and he pulled her close to him so their chests were touching.  When Carmen came for the last time, after several minutes of intense, life-altering climax, it felt as if the room started spinning and the lights went off – she lost all sense of the real world.

Carmen couldn’t help herself from moaning loudly.  She and Alex came together as one and then Carmen slumped down on top of him.  She stayed on top of him for what seemed like an hour, the heat and sex having consumed her energy, and wrapped her arms around the back of his neck, with his face on her breast.

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