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Cool New Application: Whisper

Well maybe it’s not exactly new, but it has certainly been picking up steam as of late.

Whisper is an anonymous secret-sharing app which allows its users to paste blocks of text over images and submit them.  The idea is that you are able to share ‘secrets’ online without anyone being able to trace them back to you.

People seem to use these ‘secrets’ for a variety of different functions, much in the same way people share secrets in real life.  The posts are used to share gossip, rumours, but also as a cathartic method of revealing things which may be troubling a user or getting advice about serious issues.  Whisper seems to me like a combination of Instagram and Twitter, with an added touch of secrecy, which I really like.

In fact, Whisper was recently used to potentially reveal that Gwyneth Paltrow is cheating on her husband!  The validity of the report is unconfirmed – but one thing is for sure, Whisper is starting to garner a lot of mainstream attention and notoriety.

Whisper encourages direct messaging and social interaction, working much in the same way that Instagram does, but the user’s personal information is never revealed, or in fact, even required to use the application.

I think Whisper is an interesting twist on the traditional social medias because it takes a lot of the ‘glory’ out of things and boils down the activity to its essence: the posting and sharing of secrets.  With many other social medias, people don’t care so much about what they are posting but rather about how they are perceived and their social standing within the app (number of likes/followers, for example) which can put a damper on the platform’s usefulness.

I have a feeling that Whisper will take off as the next “it” social media.  Only time will tell!

To check out the application, visit their official website at http://whisper.sh/ or download it from the App store.

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