Warning: Contents May Be Hot

Erotic Reader: Carmen’s Law Pt. II

By: Alexandra Walker

Two weeks had gone by.  The autumn was coming to an end and the crisp fall nights turned frigid and cold.  Carmen sat on her couch, curled up in a blanket, reading.  Well, at least, trying to read.  Each time she would start on a sentence her mind would drift off and she would start thinking about Alex.

They still hadn’t had sex.  But the closeness was there.  It was only a matter of time, thought Carmen.  It felt right to wait a bit longer in this situation.  No rush.  Ok, thought Carmen, just a few more pages. Focus.  But inevitably, her thoughts drifted back to that same place.

Carmen heard her phone vibrating while she was taking a shower.  She got out, dried herself off, and checked it.  A text message from Alex.  She was expecting it.  It was a few days after they had last done something together – three days, that’s how long it always takes for them to build up the courage! Anyways, she was glad to hear from him.  God knows she had spent enough time thinking about it.

“How r u?”

How r u?  Carmen laughed aloud.  What a geek!  He was sweet though.  She responded back “Doing good. How are you?”

“Good.  Want to meet up tonight?”

“Sure, come over to my place at 7” replied Carmen.

So maybe the night was coming sooner than she expected.  Carmen could feel that this would be the night where they finally unveiled their passion for one another.  Since that night where they almost got together, the sexual tension had been unbearable and exquisite.  Whenever they spent time together it was like a crescendo building steadily towards this night.

Carmen actually felt slightly nervous.  This, for one, was the first time she had invited someone over to her own apartment.  She felt like that was an important step in some way.  It was easier to enter into a sexual relationship when there was no stakes.  Doing so with a guy she thought she might like seriously could be a huge gamble.

What if they didn’t have any chemistry?  But Carmen knew that this wouldn’t be the case.  Their bodies had fit together so well the other time.  And their physical chemistry when they were together was undeniable.  Carmen could picture herself being naked in bed with Alex so easily, and the thought excited her.  Above all, Carmen did not remember the last time she had felt so happy.

Later that night, Carmen peered out her window and saw Alex pull up in front of her house.  She felt butterflies in her stomach unlike anything she had experienced recently.  It had started to snow lightly.  Carmen’s doorbell rang.  The moment of truth.  She ran down her front stairs and unlocked the door for Alex, who stepped inside.  Carmen led Alex upstairs to her apartment and into the kitchen, where she had prepared a small dinner for the two of them.

Source: hannah.hdsingle.com via PromBabe on Sex.com

“I hope you haven’t eaten anything yet.  Are you hungry?” she asked Alex.

“Oh yea, I’m hungry.” he replied.

“Good thing, because I’m starving.”

They sat down together at the kitchen table and ate their dinner, sharing a bottle of wine.  Carmen had been worried that things might be a little awkward between the two of them, but they weren’t.  Their conversation flowed casually and Carmen felt extremely at ease.

When they finished eating, Carmen picked the plates up off the table and walked over to the sink to wash them.  As she turned on the tap she could feel Alex walking up behind her.  He wrapped his arms around her waist and started kissing her exposed back and neck.  Carmen quivered lightly as Alex worked his way around the side of her neck and started kissing her ear.  Carmen spun around so Alex and her bodies were pressed together.  She started kissing Alex passionately while running her hands through his hair.  Alex lifted Carmen up off the ground and sat her on the countertop.  They kissed passionately while Alex ran his strong hand up Carmen’s thighs and under her skirt.

Carmen became excited as Alex ran his fingers around her pussy and then slowly put his fingers inside of her.  She moaned loudly as Alex moved in and out of her more quickly. Carmen bit down on Alex’s shoulder while he had his fingers inside of her and massaged her clit with his thumb.

Alex picked Carmen up off of the counter and carried her, their tongues still intertwined together, into her room, setting her down on the bed.  Carmen walked over to Alex and unbuttoned his pants.  She pulled them slowly to the ground before working her way back up and teasing Alex’s erect penis with her tongue.  She put the head of his penis into her mouth and worked it with her tongue.  Alex groaned as she wrapped her lips around his manhood.  Carmen fell back into the bed, pulling Alex on top of her.  His weight felt wonderful on her body, and Carmen shivered as she ran her hands down his prominent shoulder blades, down his taunt back muscles before resting on his tight ass.

All the while, Alex had entered inside of Carmen – her whole body wrapped in an all-encompassing heat shared between them.  Alex was a forceful and tender lover at the same time, switching between the two without notice.  One moment they would be hardly moving, wrapped together, feeling each other’s pulses and the warmth of each other’s bodies, silently breathing, and then  Alex would start moving inside of her more quickly, building up a mutual orgasm that took both of them suddenly and pulled both of them into a frenzied ecstasy.

Source: 25.media.tumblr.com via sk1 on Sex.com

The next morning, Carmen woke up to fix some coffee.  She watched Alex breathing peacefully in his sleep, sprawled across her bed.  Looking at him, Carmen felt an unflinching bond.  For the first time in as long as she could remember, she was not afraid to feel a real romantic tenderness towards someone.  She wondered how their relationship would develop, and resolved to let her heart forge a path forward into the unknown.

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