Warning: Contents May Be Hot

Erotic Reader: Carmen’s Law Pt.1

By: Alexandra Walker

Carmen awoke from her long Saturday morning slumber with light beaming through her window, warm and bright.  She basked in the streaks of sun, stretching herself out in bed.  After an extremely busy week, she was happy to spend the morning finally relaxing, without a care or stress in her thoughts.  She finally rolled out of bed and walked into the kitchen, turning on her coffee maker and sitting down at the table, opening up her morning newspaper.

Carmen had spent the last several weeks, delightfully so, meeting up with figures from her past for abrupt romantic interludes.  She was happy having these men come back into her life suddenly, but each time, when they left her life just as suddenly, she was hit with a pang of nostalgia and sadness.  Carmen wondered if she missed the stability of a long-term partner – if she had come to rely on Matt so much that she would be unable to break out of a relationship’s cycle of comfort and familiarity.  These thoughts had troubled Carmen recently – she could have sex (wonderful sex!) with as many handsome men as she wanted, and though the thought of a sexy man like Charles holding her and kissing her roughly all over made her feel deeply aroused even now, she wondered if she should be looking for something more.

She then pushed these thoughts from her mind – love has a way of finding you when you aren’t looking for it.  When the time is right, Carmen would fall madly in love again, and until that day arrived, she could only go with the flow, living a full, happy life filled with wonder, discovery, and excitement.  Therefore, Carmen resolved that, at least for a little while, she would stop reaching out to her former flings – she would let them gravitate to her instead, or perhaps even meet new people.

Source: theundiedrawer.wordpress.com via GilPowers on Sex.com

On a dark, rainy night, Carmen walked, drenched to the core, through a tree-lined neighborhood filled with huge, elaborate homes and fancy sports cars.  She did not know exactly where she had ended up.  Carmen had gone for a walk, taken a route she was not used to, and ended up in this mysterious, decadent area of town.  She looked at her phone to try and determine her location, but the rain beat heavily down on the screen.  Sighing, Carmen kept walking, hoping that she would recognize a landmark soon. A luxury sedan eventually drove past her, slowing down and pulling up next to the sidewalk.  A man rolled down the passenger’s seat window and looked out at Carmen.

“Hey, I don’t normally do this, but you’re soaking wet.  Do you need a ride somewhere?  I’m not a creep, I promise”

Carmen looked into the car hesitantly.  She did not like the idea of jumping into a strange man’s car, yet she really was completely soaked through, and there was something about this man’s face, a candidness, an honesty, that made her trust him.

“I’ll ruin your leather upholstery though!”

“Don’t worry about the car!  I don’t care about my car.  Come on, hop in.  Where do you live?”

Carmen opened the passenger side door and sat down.  She looked over at the driver.  He was a relatively young man, in his mid-twenties, with sandy blond hair, heavy eyebrows, a classically well-structured face, and wearing a nice, expensive suit.

“I’m Alex.  I know it’s a bit weird to get in my car like this, but honestly, I just want to give you a ride home!  What’s your name?”


“Alright Carmen, where do you live?”

“Actually, do you want to go get a drink?  I owe you one.”

So Alex drove to a local bar – a very fancy spot with waiters wearing tuxedos and walking around carefully as to not bother the patrons.  Alex and Carmen sat awkwardly at a small table, well-lit by the looming street lamps outside.  They sat, chatting uncomfortably, for a half hour, without being seen by one of the waiters.

“Well…are the waiters going to come? I’m cold.  I could really use that drink,” said Carmen.

“I have an idea,” responded Alex, “why don’t we get the hell out of here?  I hate stuffy places like this.  Why don’t we just go back to my place?  I have a nice bottle of scotch I’ve been waiting to open up.”

Carmen felt comfortable with Alex.  He seemed extremely kind, and therefore she did not hesitate in her agreement.  They left the bustling, intricate bar and went back to Alex’s place.  He lived in a giant loft-space filled with expensive-looking furniture and artwork.

“Beautiful place,” said Carmen.  “Oh, this stuff?  Yeah, I don’t really care that much about it.  But I’m a lawyer so I have to maintain illusions about my lifestyle.  Really I like just hanging out, drinking a glass of good booze, and watching a movie or reading a book.”  Alex took off his jacket and walked over to his bar while Carmen settled herself on his plush couch.  Alex poured two tumblers of scotch and walked back over to Carmen, setting them down on the coffee table. “So?” said Alex, “Why’d you come over here?  I didn’t expect that you’d want to come over to a total stranger’s house.”

“There’s something about you that seems very kind, I’ve never felt threatened – you seem very laid-back and nice.”  Alex looked intently into Carmen’s eyes – feeling shy for the first time, Carmen turned away, laughing, but when she turned back, Alex was still looking at her.  “You know, I have to admit, I did have a bit of an alterior motive when I picked you up…you’re a very beautiful lady.”  Carmen felt flushed at the compliment.

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“You’re not so bad yourself.”  Alex leaned over towards Carmen, and Carmen accepted as he kissed her.  Their lips locked for several moments. “Is this too quick?” asked Alex.  “No…it’s ok, this feels right for some reason.”  So they kissed for several moments longer and slowly descended onto the couch together, their bodies, arms and tongues intertwining tenderly.  Alex kissed Carmen’s ear (which drove her crazy!) and her neck, and she unbuttoned his crisp dress shirt and felt his strong, toned upper body under his clothes.

Alex then unbuttoned her blouse and kissed down the front of her chest until he reached her stomach, before moving back up and lightly kissing around her breasts and nipples.  Carmen could feel Alex’s manhood becoming hard through his pants as it pressed up against her.  She could feel herself becoming incredibly aroused as he held the arch of her back, kissing her hard on the lips with their tongues moving together sloppily.  Alex went down to unbutton Carmen’s pants and start pleasuring her with his strong, masculine hands, but she stopped him.

“Hey Alex, listen…we should stop.  I think you’re really nice and I would love to do this. But let’s wait for another time, ok?”

“Oh, of course that’s no problem.  Well…how about I give you a ride home, for real this time, and maybe we can meet up again later this week?”

“That sounds lovely.”

As Alex drove her home, Carmen felt a real sense of accomplishment.  Sure, her carnal desires had not been satisfied in her meeting with Alex, but then again, she felt like she might really like him, and did not want to rush things by moving faster than they needed to. She was proud that she was able to see this objectively, and happy that Alex was not upset by her decision.  When they reached the front of Carmen’s house, she gave him her phone number and they kissed tenderly before she left the car.

Carmen entered her apartment full of giddy happiness and looked out her window.  Alex was still waiting to make sure that she got inside.  Perhaps this was the start of a new love?  A love that had found her, suddenly and without warning, walking through a dark and rainy night.

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