Warning: Contents May Be Hot

Erotic Reader: Carmen – Wild Streak Part II

By: Alexandra Walker

When the backstage lights shot on suddenly, Carmen and Luke were in the throes of a long and passionate kiss.  The venue, an old extravagant theatre,  sat nestled in an obscurely hidden spot of the city, close to the dingy little rock n’ roll bar that Carmen and Luke had first met years before.  But time had passed, and now hundreds of people were showing up for his show; a reunion tour for Luke’s band.

The summer night beat heavily down, setting everyone into a furious excitement.  It was an electric night.  The hapless tour manager quickly backed out of the green room and shut the door, loudly muttering apologies for having walked in unannounced. Carmen and Luke shared a tender laugh before looking back into each other’s eyes and sliding back into a passionate embrace.

Their bodies and minds hot, and their lips and faces pressed tightly together.  The both of them dizzy and still panting with exhaustion from their sudden re-acquaintance, Luke hesitated, stumbled and then finally got up to pull his t-shirt back on.

“Well, I’m already late. Better get out on stage before this crowd starts a riot.”

Luke grabbed his jeans from beside the door, quickly hopped into them and rushed out into the hallway and as he opened the door Carmen could hear the crowd loudly cheering.  She sprawled back on the couch and lit up a cigarette, satisfied.  The weekend could not have gone better.  Invigorated, Carmen got up, dressed herself, and went out to watch the show.

Earlier in the day, when Carmen opened up her morning newspaper, to scan the entertainment section for good film to go see on a lazy Saturday afternoon, she accidentally glanced over at an ad for an upcoming concert that she immediately knew would be better than anything playing in at the cinema.

“So he hasn’t even changed his band name after all this time.”

She chuckled to herself and reflected.  “Just my luck… it’s tonight!”

Later that evening, after she had showered and tossed her hair, pulled on a sexy short black dress with big black boots and her faded jean jacket, Carmen took a cab to Crazy Luke’s show.

There was no time to get in-touch with Luke, so she decided to go early in hopes that she might be able to run into him before they played.  When she arrived at the elegant old theatre, she was surprised at just how many people were already waiting in line.  She wasn’t about to join them, so decided to grab a quick latte at a café on the other side of the street and come up with a plan.

After sweetening her latte, she sat down on a stool looking back out on the theatre, as security began checking the tickets of the hardcore kids in front.  She caught her reflection and examined herself.  In the years since her first meeting she had gone through so many changes – she was more confident and smart – yet her youthful beauty remained clear.

Any self-doubt welling in her from her split with Matt was now long gone and she could see herself objectively as a woman filled with vigor, self-worth and excitement towards a quickly unfolding and expanding life of independence.  She no longer needed to be dragged along to the show by her friend – and so Carmen finished her latte and struck back out into the street.

She skipped the line of derelicts and headed to the alleyway behind the venue with fond memories of Luke flooding back to her.  There was a big black van parked with a couple of awkward teenage girls in fishnet stockings hovering by a younger opening band smoking pot. Luke’s band had their own tour bus; but they’d likely learned from their years of playing not to keep it in such dark and dirty alleyways.

Source: photos-erotique.fr via mjkman on Sex.com

Carmen walked right by the boys and girls to the back door, then turned and asked in a sexy and sultry tone she knew no shaggy haired post-pubescent drummer could resist.

Inside and backstage, it didn’t take Carmen long to charm her way to where Luke’s band were hanging out.  She caught up with his bass player Tim, who was always a nice and funny guy; one she would’ve set up with a girlfriend long ago if he wasn’t such a heartbreaker himself.

When their conversation got to the band’s last couple weeks on-tour, he accidently let it slip that Luke had recently just gone through a bitter breakup of his own.  Carmen had to see him.

Tim said it would probably be cool if she said hello.  Though Luke can be moody and usually likes to be left alone before they play, Tim was sure her presence wouldn’t be a bad thing…

“Dude could use the pick me up.  Plus, it’s been forever since we’ve been back in town and I want this place to roar tonight.  Please, I want you to go say hi and cheer that fucker up!”

So she walked over to their green room and knocked.

“Go away.”

She made sure to knock again, but this time in an old code that she and Luke had made up years before.  One that she couldn’t believe she had just forgotten.

There was a pause.  She hesitated with her clenched fist hovering next to door., her lips pursed, and her knees starting to tremble as though she was one of those little girls from the alleyway again.

The door flew open, and then there was Luke… his black hair just as long and reckless as she remembered, his chiseled and unshaven face, pouty lips, but with new tattoos, a body even better than before and a pair of sad looking eyes.

She couldn’t help herself.  She instantly moved in.  First by putting her left hand up next to his cheek, then with an empathetic but longing stare into his eyes, and finally with a forceful kiss as she pulled him next to her.

All that she said was “This is happening;” with a short turn of coming-up-for-air between their rough lip bites and tongue tasting.  He immediately understood.

Source: 28.media.tumblr.com via namietnik on Sex.com

Luke picked her up as she wrapped her arms around his muscular neck and tied her legs above his belt.  He slammed the door shut and carried her to a table with a modest amount of uneaten food and perched her on the edge.  As she stroked her fingers in his messy black hair he pulled off her black boots with his left hand and hiked up her sexy short black dress with his right; their lips never unlocking.

She furiously grabbed for his belt buckle, hurting the top of her hand on it as she yanked out his belt and threw it across the room.  She unbuttoned his jeans and pulled out his handsome cock as he played her clitoris.

The stroked each other while struggling to tear off the other’s clothes.  Somehow Luke tripped backwards as his jeans got stuck by his feet, and the two crashed hard to the floor.

“You alright?” She asked.


With Carmen’s jean jacket off, Luke pulled her dress up over her head and caressed her breasts.  He licked her nipples slowly while staring deep into her eyes and then threw her onto the couch.

He kicked off his sneakers and pants as she pulled off her panties, moved on top of her.  He slid down to her clitoris and kissed.  He let a couple fingers slide inside of her while adding a thumb to his embraces, and the occasional reckless but caring glance up to her face. …

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