Warning: Contents May Be Hot

Erotic Reader: Carmen – Wild Streak

Author’s Note: This is Part 4 of the ongoing series of erotic stories that I have been writing, following the life of our protagonist, Carmen.

Thanks for reading!

– Alexandra Walker


Sunday rolled around, and the sad realization surfaced in Carmen that Charles would be leaving her to go on the road with his basketball team.  Driving Charles to the airport, Carmen thought that she would feel sadness when he got out of the car and disappeared from her life again, but instead, she was left with sensations of satisfaction and contentment.

The loose ends between them had been tied up in an ideal way.  Carmen felt a sense of pride that she had acted on her fantasies, and had gone through with them.  She wondered if she would see Charles again, but then pushed the thought from her mind.  It didn’t matter to her.  He would hold a place in her thoughts forever.

With the success of her latest venture fresh on her mind, Carmen returned home.  Soon her mind started drifting to all of her former lovers, and she wondered with a mischievious grin who she would contact next.  Her first thought was of Luke.

When she knew Luke, she was at her wildest stage.  Carmen had just finished college where she had dedicated her whole life to academics and study.  The natural progression was a period of rebellion. She went out with her friends all the time.  When her friends did not feel like going out, she went out by herself and made knew ones.  She went to bars, clubs, concerts.  One evening, one of her new friends, Sasha, invited her to a rock show in a seedy bar in a part of town Carmen was not familiar with.  Carmen spent a long time determining which of her outfits was most suitable for going to a hardcore rock show.

Source: theundiedrawer.wordpress.com via GilPowers on Sex.com

When Carmen and Sasha arrived at the show, Carmen could immediately tell that she was in for a crazy ride.  A wildly eccentric crowd of punks and rockers milled outside the club smoking cigarettes and bantering loudly.  Carmen’s briefly felt out of place – but her thoughts were quickly washed away as Sasha assuredly led her by the hand inside.  Carmen and Sasha had a few drinks and the show started.  The crowd went wild as the band came out, and Carmen’s eyes were immediately caught by the lead singer.

He was the polar opposite of any person Carmen had ever known or been attracted to in college.  His long black hair flowed down his face and whipped around his head as he yelled lyrics into the microphone.  He wore a sleeveless black t-shirt so that his heavily tattooed arms, glistening with perspiration from his frantic act, were exposed.  He had a rugged, classically handsome face with heavy-lidded eyes and large, pouty lips.  There was something so dynamic about him.  Something so attractive about him that Carmen could not put her finger on.  Maybe it was that he looked so rugged, so dirty and wild and care-free comparative to the more clean-cut, straight-laced men she had found attractive thusfar in her life.

Given Carmen’s new rebellious streak, she determined that she would meet him after the show.  When the band finished, it was Carmen’s turn to grab Sasha by the hand and drag her through the crowd, up to the stage.  The band was in the process of packing up their equipment.  Carmen reached out and grabbed the singer by the ankle of his pants.

“Hi.  My name’s Carmen.  You don’t know me.  Can my friend and I hang out with you? You were really great out there.”

The singer looked at her, puzzled for a second.  He looked Carmen and Sasha over.

“You guys seem alright.  Come on back stage, we’re going to hang out for a while.”

The singer reached out and took Carmen’s hand and pulled her on stage, then reached out and did the same for Sasha.  They followed the singer backstage as he pushed open a door and they entered to find a wild party already fully in swing.  The rest of the band sat around a table smoking cigarettes, pouring shots and slugging back beers.

“What are your names again?” Luke asked.  Carmen felt insulted for a second before realizing that this probably was not the first time girls had invited themselves back stage at one of his shows.  “Carmen, and this is Sasha.  What’s your name?”  The singer looked at her for a second, trying to read her. “My band name, or my real name?” he responded.  “Either….both?”  Carmen hoped she wasn’t acting like a total square.  “My band name is Crazy Luke.  My real name is just Luke.”  Luke laughed and handed Carmen, and then Sasha, a beer and a shot.  “Well, drink up.”

Later that night the room had thinned out.  Sasha had gone home some time ago.  The only people remaining were Luke, Carmen and a bunch of other women hoping to get some one-on-one time with Luke.  When they realized that he was occupied talking with Carmen, they angrily left.

Carmen was so entranced in her conversation, and with Luke, that she did not even notice the room become empty.  When the door slammed with the last people leaving, she grabbed her things to follow.  “Well, I guess I should be going too.  It’s been a long night.”  As she got up off the couch Luke grabbed her hand lightly.  “You could go…or you could just stay here.”  “But, Luke, we can’t stay here, are we even allowed to?”  “Well..no, not really, but I mean, I do it all the time.  Saves me hotel money and I don’t have to find somewhere to crash.  They don’t really care.  I know the guy who owns this place anyways.”

That evening, as they lay down together on the couch, Carmen felt irresistibly attracted to Luke. Carmen was excited to find that Luke was as dynamic a lover as he was a singer. She had never met someone who seemed so sure of himself and so experienced.  The way he touched her and put his fingers inside of her.  They spun around in the couch, kissing, while exploring each other’s bodies.  Carmen liked the way Luke’s toned body fit against hers, and liked the rough and confident way he kissed her.

Source: theundiedrawer.wordpress.com via GilPowers on Sex.com

They rolled onto the floor together, laughing, and Carmen pulled off her top.  Luke immediately started kissing her chest, stomach and breasts.  Luke put his hand behind Carmen’s head and kissed her hard while undoing her belt and then pulling down her jeans.  When he put himself inside of her, Carmen felt an explosive surge course through her body.  The warmth of his cock inside of her drove her into a frenzy and Luke, sensing Carmen’s wild outburst, started fucking her harder.

They rolled around on the ground, entwined together, knocking over empty beer bottles and microphone stands.  Carmen could feel a wild orgasm coming, one that encapsulated her wild night and wild couple of months.  When she came, she felt a sense of relief that she had broken out of her shell, done something she never could have imagined herself doing.

Lying together on the sticky venue floor, Carmen and Luke looked at each other intensely.  They might not be able to ever fall in love with each other, but Carmen and Luke had forged a bond, a connection that would lead to their reunion years down the line.

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