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New App for Airplane Sex!

For some reason, airplanes are often portrayed as being sexy places.  We are often fed images of people meeting up for hot, steamy encounters in the cramped bathroom.  We hear news stories about how, in a fit of passion (and usually intoxication), passengers forgo the rules and just start going at it in the middle of their flight.  Flight attendants are often portrayed in the media in a super-sexualized way, with men fantasizing about the many ways they might seduce that hot blond swedish attendant during their business flight to Atlanta.

I’ve even been guilty of day-dreaming about meeting some handsome man while waiting in the boarding line, sharing a knowing glance with him, and then meeting half an hour later, no strings attached.

The reality of the situation, however, is that none of this stuff probably ever happens.  Or at least, happens rarely.  Additionally, I would assume that new, stricter flight regulations and policies have made engaging in mile-high romps much more difficult.

Meet Wingman.

Wingman seems to work almost exactly like Tinder.  You sign up, enter your information (the difference being that you also enter your flight information), and the app provides you with a list of interested candidates for you to swipe through.  Though Wingman will only be released over the summer, you can sign up on the website to receive updates about the development process.

Personally, I hope this works out, I really do.  I’m a single lady that has to fly around fairly often, and there’s one prevalent aspect of travelling all the time: extreme boredom. I can only read so many books, and I can only watch so many movies that I’ve already seen a million times.  If there was a way to casually hook up with someone in the same boat, without having to go through the awkward process of actually meeting them mid or pre flight, I would welcome it with open arms.

Source: theundiedrawer.wordpress.com via GilPowers on Sex.com

We’ll see though – as stated above, regulations in airports and on flights are becoming increasingly more strict.  Even if you do meet someone nice by using the application, chances are it might not be so simple to actually act on your impulses.

Prove me wrong, Wingman!

How about you, have you ever had a naughty sojourn mid-flight?  Would you?  And would you use this application if it made setting up such an interaction easier?

For more information about the application, you can read this article.

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