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More Partners, More Wild Sex – But Less Often?

Here’s the good news about our current sexual habits: We’re willing to get more wild in the sack, and with a wider variety of different people.

The bad news?  We aren’t having nearly as much sex as we used to.

You can read this article over at Sexy Science  for more specific numbers about the actual study and some conclusions about the findings.

My opinion is that these findings correlate directly to our different societal norms as relating to marriage and serious relationships.  Since people are far less likely to get married at a really young age (like 17-18), it makes total obvious sense that both men and women will see an increase in the number of sexual partners they have – because almost everything is more than the grand total of 1.

This leads easily into the idea of sexual activity becoming more experimental – I truly believe we are entering a new era like the 1960s, free love and all of that.  Of course, our perception of what’s going on around us is always skewed by its immediacy, and we often can’t get a good feel for our current culture except for retrospectively, but I think that in 20 years we will look back on this decade as a time of sexual/romantic individualism and relative freedom.  With the lack of expectation of marriage, and with people engaging in less serious relationships and sexual interactions, doors are opened for people to try different things and ultimately experiment sexually.

Source: seriouslysexygirls.tumblr.com via seriouslysexy on Sex.com

ABOVE: Self-Portrait of me, sexually liberated. (Joking!)

Perhaps the most interesting finding, in my opinion, is the following:

“Having sex makes people happy, but thinking they have more sex than other people makes them even happier.”

Really?  That seems extremely petty, people.  Boils down to a matter of confidence and a feeling of self-worth, I suppose, but still.  You should probably stop worrying about using sex as a tool to generate a sense of social well-being and just enjoy it for what it is, a totally awesome hobby 😉

All things considered, I personally could never imagine getting married as a teenager and only having one sexual partner for the rest of my life.  Maybe these stats have some truth to them though, because, for as wild as I want to get, I’ve been experiencing a bit of a dry spell lately…. ;(


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