Warning: Contents May Be Hot

Erotic Reader: Carmen and Charles pt.2

Hi everyone,

This is part 3 of an ongoing erotic fiction series that I am writing starring Carmen, a protagonist who has lost herself after a tough break-up, and is now trying to find herself.

Thanks for reading,

Alexandra Walker

Carmen turned to her laptop and logged onto Facebook. She had no trouble finding Charles, and was startled to discover that he had over one-hundred thousand followers. When she examined his profile, Carmen was taken aback to discover that Charles had developed an even bigger following of pretty women than he had in college – in fact, he was one of the more eligible bachelors in North America. Charles had made something of his talents, Carmen had thought to herself.

She had always assumed that after college Charles would become an accountant, or lawyer, something unexciting and safe.

How wrong she had been.

Charles, according to some sleuthing on the internet, was a well-established professional basketball player who had made his mark in the pro ranks for over 10 years. It startled Carmen that she had no knowledge of Charles’ rise to fame – but then again, the only time she had ever really watched basketball was in those college days, admiring Charles’ masculine grace on the court, his perfect sense of rhythm and forcefulness as he weaved through other players, sinking a basket effortlessly.

Carmen felt deflated as she left her apartment, walking down her street with a light drizzle of rain slowly soaking through her blouse. She had built the fantasy of Charles up in her mind, and now it seemed that it would remain a fantasy. How could she possibly get in contact with a celebrity like Charles? And if she did get in contact, what would she even say? Would Charles even remember her?

Defeated, Carmen met her friend Paula at a nearby café. Carmen and Paul had kept in touch since college, but had stopped spending as much time together when Carmen moved in with Matt. They sat down at a small table near the front window looking onto the street, sipping lattes.

“So? How are things now that you and Matt have split up? It’s nice to see you. It feels like it’s been a really long time,” said Paula.

“Things have been getting better. I’m finally pretty much settled into my new space.”

Carmen used her stirring stick to spin pointless circles in her coffee.

“I’m just going to come out and ask,” said Carmen, “do you remember Charles? Have you kept in touch with him since college?”

“On and off. I see him when he’s in town sometimes. He and Jake have stayed friends.” Paula looked at Carmen mischievously. “Oh don’t tell me. Well, it makes sense. You guys were a hot couple in college.”

“Even though we don’t see each other that often, you can still read me like a book,” said Carmen, smiling.

“Well listen,” continued Paula, “Let me talk to Jake. I think Charles’ team might be visiting town soon. Maybe we can all go see the game and go out for drinks afterwards.”

Source: photolubitel.tumblr.com via dougiemac on Sex.com

Two weeks later, Carmen found herself in a familiar position, sitting in packed bleachers with her friends watching Charles run up and down the basketball court. Charles had aged gracefully. He looked almost the same, except more toned and muscular. He was clean-shaven now, and his hair a bit shorter, but otherwise, he looked almost the same as he did in Carmen’s late-night fantasies.
Perhaps she was imagining it, or fantasizing again, but Carmen was sure that at one point during the game she saw Charles look up at her in the stands and smile knowingly, just as he had during their days together in college. Carmen felt a deep and fulfilling warmth fill her breast when Charles looked at her.

After the game, Carmen found herself waiting outside with Jake and Paula. After waiting for half an hour, Charles finally came out and met with them. After Paula and Jake said their hellos, they made up a half-baked excuse about having to suddenly leave, and Carmen found herself alone with Charles.

Carmen and Charles stood close together and Carmen could feel the magnetic draw of Charles’ body. Nothing had changed between them physically. Their bodies had grown slightly older yet the indescribable spark between them was as strong as ever. Charles pulled Carmen close and she rested her face on his steely mid-section, sighing as a constant stream of both nostalgia and relief flowed through her. They hardly spoke nor did they need to.

Charles hailed a cab and they got in together. Carmen gave her address and as soon as the cab started moving Charles leaned in and kissed her. His lips tasted and felt like they always had, and Carmen felt like she was living a scene from a movie. This was completely surreal, she thought. How could feelings that had not seen light in years and years still exist so strongly?

Source: theundiedrawer.wordpress.com via GilPowers on Sex.com

They left the cab and walked up into Carmen’s apartment and Charles started kissing Carmen immediately. As she remembered so fondly, he had to bend over almost completely to reach her lips, yet seemed more than eager to do so. Charles pushed Carmen up against the wall and they kissed vigorously, their tongues touching lightly at first and then more roughly. Carmen kissed Charles’ strong chest and abs, then worked her way down and undid his belt and unzipped his pants. Charles was already hard and as Carmen pulled his cock out of his pants, she could remember how it looked and felt exactly.

Filling to the brim with nostalgia and pleasure, Carmen lightly licked the tip of Charles’ member while holding the shaft firmly before wrapping her mouth around it to the sounds of Charles moaning quietly. After a bit, Charles lifted Carmen up in his broad arms and carried her onto the couch. He bent Carmen over the armrest and slowly inserted himself inside of her. The combination of familiarity and forgotten sensation filled Carmen’s body with an incredible heat that she could hardly contain. She felt herself moaning loudly and uncontrollably while Charles fucked her from behind.

Charles then sat down on the couch and Carmen eagerly mounted him. Their pleasure was so in tune, so combined. They had not forgotten the depths of passion that had driven their relationship through college, and to this point. Carmen rode Charles roughly, and then more roughly as she could feel her orgasm coming. Normally Carmen’s orgasms crept up on her, building slowly, but already her whole body felt both numb and filled with ecstasy. She had never felt anything so strong, like an orgasm without an ending. Finally, she felt as Charles came inside of her, and like the last firework of a long summer display, she let out one final, exquisite moan, before they slumped together on the couch, gasping in unison the breaths of lovers re-united.

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