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Getting Lazy after Getting Married

Common misconception: everyone who is in a happy, committed relationship or stable marriage immediately lets go of themselves and turns into a giant, lazy blob who packs on pounds and can’t shed them.

This misconception is also usually applied to women (surprise surprise!)  It’s a common idea that women who are happy with their partner will let themselves descend into matriarch status and stop paying attention to their looks and figure, to the extent that some men are actually afraid of commitment as a result.

Well guess what men, according to a recent study, YOU’RE the ones who start packing on the pounds post-commitment. Yes, that’s correct, according to a study conducted by Project EAT and reported on by Business Insider, “The results suggest that married men were 25% more likely to be overweight or obese than single men…”

So while you’re sitting on your butt watching the game and then complaining about how much sexier we used to be (well, you better not actually say that or else you probably won’t have to worry about being in a committed marriage much longer..), keep in mind that those Doritos and beers you’re cramming into your gut aren’t going to make you any thinner.

Let’s stop pointing fingers for a second, however.  Are there any consistent ways to prevent EITHER partner from getting lazy and gaining weight? I think the legendary wait gain is indicative of one’s happiness and comfort in a situation, so it isn’t necessarily all bad, but there must be some kind of way to curb the eventual spiral.

Source: Uploaded by user via GilPowers on Sex.com

I think you just have to stop focussing on what your partner is doing, and try leading by example.  If you’re going to the gym, eating healthy, and maintaining a positive mental and physical self, it will be exceedingly difficult for your partner to sink into a lazy, fat-building routine without feeling like a giant sloth.

Don’t rub your active lifestyle in your partner’s face, however, as this could cause them to resent you or get them to peg you as being “holier-then-thou.”  Simply focus on your own image and let everything else runs its course.  I have found this to be the most effective approach based on personal experience.

What do you think?  What’s the best way for you and your spouse to maintain a positive healthy lifestyle?  Are there any tricks to it worth sharing?

3 Responses to “Getting Lazy after Getting Married”

  1. mik1999

    For my wife and I (and we have a great relationship 13 years into our marriage), we try to
    – stay interesting to one another and treat each other as friends first
    – keep sexual energy and variety in our relationship (including wearing sexy underwear – I love the name of your blog)
    – make time for fun

  2. naivenancyblogs

    I don’t have any suggestions about maintaining/gaining a healthy lifestyle. My husband and I both do that by our own choices, so there’s no pressure on either one of us. But I do heartily agree with the beginning, the common misconception that once you’re married everything goes to shit. Why is that? I know plenty of people that it does happen to, things become stale, but what about the rest of us in functional happy long term marriages. I guess that’s boring and why it’s not ever written about.


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