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Does Height Matter?

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I’m pretty tall.  I clock in at about 5’10.  Not a giant by any means, but certainly quite a bit taller than most women.

And honestly, I don’t think being as tall as I am has ever caused any negative issues.  Perhaps if I was over 6’0 I might have some problems, but I feel like I kinda hit the sweet spot in terms of upper-end woman height.

Height is pretty important for me when I’m looking to date someone.  I have a really hard time seeing anyone who’s anything more than a tiny bit shorter than me.  I can deal with an inch or MAYBE two shorter, but more than that, and, I dunno, just can’t get down!

I think though, that height is something that makes a huge difference for a lot of people, and not just for women.  You always hear about women who won’t date men that are too short (I guess I’m included in that circle), and perhaps that’s unfair because certainly a shorter guy can bring a lot of things to the table: they can be smart, intelligent, attractive, and in fact, I would be open to being persuaded to like a guy who’s shorter than my norm.

It just comes down to a physical attraction thing to me, really.

But there seems to be a bit of a double-standard in terms of height.  I find it very rare that men make a big deal about the height of the women that they date or are attracted to.  I have a few male friends who state that they would prefer if a woman is not too much taller than them, or too short, but its less of a sticking point for men I think.

Source: Uploaded by user via GilPowers on Sex.com

Not sure why that is?

So, for me, height certainly matters.  As a fairly tall person it can be difficult to meet people that are that much taller than me, but it always works out in the end.

Does the height of your partner matter to you?

Has your height ever mattered, either in a positive or negative way, to someone that you’ve dated?

I would especially be interested in hearing from someone who has dated or is currently dating someone with which there is a large height discrepancy.

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